Beaute Pacifique Corpus Paradoxe body oil review

Okay, first things first – this product’s name is terrifying. Corpus Paradoxe? Isn’t that just a flesh-eating zombie movie just waiting to happen? Errrrmiiigodddd! That aside, Beaute’ Pacifique’s body oil’s a lovely product, as are most of the brand’s items. It’s part of the new Corpus Paradoxe line that makes use of natural actives procyanidin and resveratrol extracted from Chilean grape seeds where they play a role in helping to protect the fruit from the most damaging rays of the sun.

Beaute’ Pacifique Corpus Paradoxe body oil, R1 250.

As far as human benefits go, both P and R (there’s no way I’m writing those long names out each time) are serious little power houses in that they’re 20 times more potent an antioxidant than vitamin C with P being the principal polyphenol in red wine that links it to a reduced risk of heart disease.  R is also linked to heart health and a few early studies performed on mice suggest it might even assist with diabetes and obesity in humans. When it comes to skin care, both P and R play an important role in preserving your collagen and elastin while protecting your skin from the damaging effects of free-radicals. R is also a great anti-inflammatory and prolonged, subtle inflammation is one of the key factors in premature ageing. Anyhoo, now that we know that P and R are beneficial actives you want, know that the Corpus Paradoxe line includes them in a serum, day cream and the aforementioned body oil. The oil makes use of the grape seed extract that’s been blended with squalane, a natural moisturiser, which is listed as the first ingredient on the product’s list, followed by grape seed oil, two types of vitamin E and a fragrance. This makes it difficult to ascertain how much P and R is actually in the mix as they aren’t listed individually and no concentration is given. Still, Beaute Pacifique claim it’s ‘extremely high’ and I’ve appreciated that other products of theirs that I’ve used in the past haven’t skimped on actives. As far as the ‘experience’ goes, it’s a good one. The oil is lovely and lightweight so it absorbs into your skin in a flash, leaving it feeling soft and supple. While it does make use a perfume, I honestly couldn’t tell you what it is or what it smells it. To me, it’s a non-scented product and I like that – it’s not going to fight with my perfume. Keen to learn more? Visit Beaute Pacifique’s local website for more details as well as contact details to find out which salons in your area is a stockist. Love, love Leigh

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