Dove’s new Nourishment body lotions hit the shelves

Dove’s new Deep Care Complex-infused Nourishing body lotions have hit the shelves.

Dove Nourishment body lotions
Dove Nourishment body lotions, R33,95 a pop.

According to the brand, their new bad boys stand apart from all the others as they offers deep-penetrating hydration that can last for up to ten days. This is according to a study that proved that, if you apply their lotion three times a day, you’ll still be able to find its nutrients hanging around in your skin for up to six days later.

Anyway, while I’m not naked enough to be able to slap my body lotion on three times a day, I’ve been using Dove Intensive Nourishment body lotion for extra dry skin (pictured in the centre) pretty regularly. It contains the Deep Care Complex of hydrating oils that includes sunflower oil as well as other hydrating ingredients like glycerine, urea and collagen amino acids.

Despite being mega-moisturising, I like that Intensive Nourishment feels nice and light and absorbs super-fast. If I didn’t know it wasn’t the most hydrating out of the new crew I’d never have guessed and, for me, this is a good thing. I want my skin to get all the moisture it needs but don’t like having to apply thick, heavy body butter-type formulas.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a very nice daily body lotion, Dove now have some fab new options. Just remember, to really keep dry skin at bay, keep on getting jiggy with your exfoliator. You’ll get the most bang for your buck from any hydrator if your skin isn’t congested. You want whatever you’re using to be able to easily penetrate deep down into the bottom layers of your stratum corneum, not get stuck in a swamp of dead skin cells up top.

For more info from Dove, visit their Facebook page over here.

Love, love


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