Review: Rimmel Provocolips 16HR Kissproof lip colour

Rimmel’s new two-step lip colours (R99,95) involve a long-wearing liquid lippie and a hydrating balm that promise to stay put for a good 16 hours.

These come in eight shades and these are three of them –  Kiss Fatal (deep plum), Little Minx (hot pink) and Play with Fire (red).

While the colour is a straight liquid lippie, the lollipop-scented/flavoured top coat, that can be applied throughout the day without disturbing your colour, is a liquid too that kind of feels like a non-sticky hydrating lip gloss.

My only gripe is that I know I’ll run out of top coat before I do colour.

Ready to get swatchy?

From the top: Kiss Fatal, Little Minx and Play with Fire.

I wore the pink shade the other day and oh boy am I in love! It really does cling to your lips (with the power of a thousand pitt bull’s all suffering from lock jaw) and, thanks to the top coat, doesn’t feel dry in the least, something that can be a bit of an ‘ish’ with long-wearing lip colours in general. Also, it really doesn’t feel like you have anything on. The colour sits very closely to your skin, if that makes sense, almost like a ‘stain tattoo’ or something.

<I’ll be adding a shot of this on my face in the next two hours or so. Right now, I’m running out the door to a meeting.>

But ja, getting back to the wear… Pink was applied after lunch and survived me drinking Coke Zero all avie (from a glass.) I then moved on to dinner with friends six hours later and things were still looking freshly applied. I only noticed that the colour had worn away a bit in the centre of my lips after I’d eaten a salad that had an oil-based dressing which makes perfect sense as that’s what you need to take this baby off – an oil-based make-up remover. Anyway, I touched up, came home drunk (in an Uber) and fell into bed with all my make-up on (I know, I know…) and woke up with scarily perfect-looking lips. *Air punch!*

Any, if you’re looking for a fab long-wearing lip colour, Rimmel’s Provocalips is an awesome pick.

Love, love



4 thoughts on “Review: Rimmel Provocolips 16HR Kissproof lip colour

  1. I used the red one for a Great Gatsby party and it was still firmly in place the next morning! I actually had to take it off with nail polish remover. HAHAHA!

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