A closer look at Rubi Cosmetics, now exclusive to Cotton On

Cotton On’s empire is expanding further in that the Aussie brand’s Rubi line, best known for it’s shoes, now includes cosmetics. The line isn’t enormous but there’s lots to pick from, specifically lipstick and gloss, eye shadow, blush, bronzer, nail colours, make-up remover wipes and a roll-on EDT.

I got to play with just about everything (thanks Butterknife PR!) and was most impressed with the blush in Coral Gold.

Love this!
Love this!

Apparently there’s another pink shade available called Rose. What I love about Coral Gold, however, is that’s it’s pretty close to Nars’ Torrid, a slightly darker, peachier-red version of their iconic Orgasm. Pigmentation-wise, Rubi’s blush is fabulous so be sure to apply it with a light hand. Once you get that right it could be a new best friend. (For me, this is a definite make-up bag keeper.)

Rubi’s eye shadow palette is fantastic too in that the shadows share the same satiny, butter-soft texture and great pigmentation as the blush. In a way, they remind me a lot of Clinique’s ultra blendable shadows, but are a snip of the price.

Mooi, ne?

Then there are the lippies. Some great colours going on there and, at just R79 a pop, they’re super affordable. Apparently some are ‘matte’ and some are ‘creme’ textured but all of them look kind of satiny too me. They also feel comfy on your lips and don’t have any particular scent which many will appreciate. The only downer is, as they’re so ‘hydrating’, they don’t really stay on your lips very long, save for the very dark ones that have a slight staining effect.

Sadly, I have no idea as what the name of these shades are. I pulled the clear plastic wrap off each one and tossed them before realising the names where there as opposed to on the tube.

As for the EDT, I was given Desert Daze, and didn’t especially like this dude. He was waaay too sweet for me – like vanilla essence mixed in with pachouli and musk – but fragrances are totally subjective so I feel bad even saying that. There are also two others to pick from, Downtown Dreams and Summer Nights, but I can’t find a descriptor with any of their notes online.

Rubi Make-up Wipes (I haven’t tried these yet), roll-on perfume in Desert Daze and Lip Gloss in Flamingo Pink.

I don’t feel bad, however, in letting you know the lip gloss is a real let down. Everything from the packaging to texture and petrol-like scent feels a bit ‘Ralo Cosmetics’. But we’ll forgive dear old Rubi ‘cos, my God, that blush and eye shadow are both serious gems.

Next time you’re in store, go check ’em out and you’ll see what I mean. Incredibly good quality for very little cash. Just the way I like it.

Love, love


I don’t have all the prices for this range just yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to fill them in.

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