The Body Shop adds new shades to it’s Colour Crush line and I’m going to die all alone and be eaten by cats wearing the jerseys I knitted for them

The Body Shop has added new shades to its Colour Crush Shine lipstick (R120) and eye shadow (R120) line – three new lippies (Pink Luxe, Golden Syrup and Make My Heart Gleam) and four lovely, pearlescent neutral shadows that I’ll be showing off in a bit.

Lippie-wise, I was given two of the shades, Pink Luxe and MMHG (you can tell it’s a crazy day when I revert to acronyms, ne?)

MMHG on the left and Pink Luxe on the right.

Like all the other Colour Crush Shine lippies, each shade is infused with hydrating Marula oil and delivers a flattering, satin finish that feels super comfy on your lips – almost balmy, even – but with good colour pay off and staying power.

As for the eye shadows (also infused with Marula oil as well as honey, FYI), these are total gems.

The swatches on the left are on dry skin, those are the right are on damp skin. Shade-wise, from left to right you’re looking at Rosemance, Coco Deluxe, Champagne Kiss and Golden Cinnamon.

Being a beauty editor, people might assume I’d be down with getting creative with my eye shadow – that I’d be happy to rock a pers or blou lid now and again but this is not the case. When it comes to decorating my oogies I’m as white bread as they come and have a make-up bag full to the brim with an array of nudes, taupes and browny bronze, possibly the ‘missionary position’ of the shadow world yet my favourite shade in shadowland.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I’m very glad Coco Deluxe and I have crossed paths. This is a truly gorgeous brown as it’s not too dark or light (despite looking dark in the pan) and not too ‘red’. Many bronzey hues cross the line into ‘reddish’ undertone territory and that’s not going to do a tired eye any favours. You still want a dash of ‘golden-bronze’ in there though, especially if you’ve got blue eyes like me, as this is what helps to make them pop. (And yes, I did throw up in my mouth a little bit when I said pop. We really need to come up with another colloquialism for ‘enhance’. Like STAT.)

But ja, getting back to the shadows. Coco Deluxe is the kiffness and the two highlightery, shimmery shades are awesome too – Rosemance being a lovely brow bone shade while Champagne Deluxe is a great ‘corner of your eye’ shade. To show them off some more I used all three to create a basic ‘day time’ eye. Check out it.

Coco Deluxe on the lid, Rosemance on the brow, Champagne Kiss in the inner corner and then blended into the crease using a windscreen wiper motion.

I used the shadows dry so they’ve gone on nice and light. If you wanted to intensify them, you could put down a primer or foundation first (this ensures more pigment sticks to your face) or use them wet. I wouldn’t recommend the latter though unless you’re a pro at blending. For the record, I’m wearing Bobbi Brown Party Eyes mascara (very nice stuff) and slapped on the shadow using my beloved MAC 217 eye shadow brush, AKA the best eye shadow brush ever.

See anything you want? They’re sitting in store as I type.

Love, love


P.S. Can you see how old and crepey my skin is looking in that shut eye pic? OMFG. This is the horror of having taken close up shots of your eyes for so many years. You can total watch the aging process like a car crash in slow motion. Which would be total fine if I weren’t heading into spinsterville. If you girls have any hot brothers or cousins or whatever please send them my way fast. I’ve got, like, maybe two good years left before I can’t have sex with lights on anymore. Help a sister out here!

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