Fragrance reviews: Roberto Cavalli Florence, Avon Free For Her and Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme

Mense, is jy rerig vir ‘n triple skop of fragrance reviews? In a weird twist of fate, they all happen to be purple. Barney the dinosaur would be proud. Now let’s get cracking with Cavalli!

Roberto Cavalli Florence eau de parfum (R785 for 30ml, R1 115 for 50ml and R1 440 for 75ml, Woolworths) is inspired by the Italian city of ‘light and delight’ known for its opulence, art and flowers. A dramatic yet elegant fragrance, Florence is housed in one of the mooiest-looking bottles I’ve seen in ages.

One of my life goals is to one day own a bunch of huge crystal whiskey decanters that look just like this.

Cavalli’s previous fragrances have generally struck me as being very bold and unashamedly ‘sexy’. They’re in your face Donatellas, not sensual Isabella Rosselinis. Florence, however, is more of the latter.

The notes: Orange blossom, grapefruit petals, musky hibiscus seeds, blackcurrant, mandarin essence, musk, amber and patchouli.
It smells: Sweet yet sophisticated. I get an initial blast of patchouli and juicy blackcurrant that never goes away but does fade out a little to be warmed by amber and musk. In a way, it reminds me just a little bit of Lancome’s La Vie est Belle, but it feels a lot more grown up.
Wear it: In colder weather or on a night out. It’s an ‘opulent’ fragrance that can leaves a musky trail of drama depending on how heavy-handed you’re with it. Like all Cavallis, the staying power is great.

Next up, we’ve got Avon Free For Her EDP (R419 for 50ml).

I’ve since realised I’m holding the bottle upside down.

You’re supposed to turn the bottle so that it stands it on its cap, (this is the way Avon intends it to sit) but between you and me that just looks weird because then you see the sticker on the bottom and even if you remove it, it still doesn’t seem right. Packaging quirk aside, what’s the actual juice like?

The notes: Iced pear granita, magnolia, orange blossom, tiger lily, amber and patchouli.
It smells: Very sweet and super fruity. I know pear is generally a subtle note but Avon’s managed to find an incredibly sugary one. Fortunately the white flowers sweep in fast to level things out so it doesn’t end up in candy land. While I can’t really make out the amber, it does warm a little as it dries to become a fruity white floral that reminds me just a teensy tiny bit of Arden’s Untold, another pear and white floral mix, albeit with a good dollop of what can best be described as ‘lollipop’.
Wear it: On a night out if you’re younger (or young at heart) and have a sweet tooth that sees you appreciate fragrances like Britney Spears Curious. (My friend Paige, who is very grown up, just so you know, still wears that scent to this day. Hola biets!)

Now let’s move on to Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme EDP (R1 385 for 50ml and R1 825 for 100ml, Foschini). This is one of the most divisive fragrances I’ve reviewed in a while. I’ve spritzed it on so many friends and they either love it to the point of obsession or really dislike it. (As for me, my opinion changes every time I spritz it on. It’s that interesting!)

I’ve read online that many think the bottle is too ‘male’ looking but I love it!

The notes: Blackberry, bergamot, pink pepper, Bulgarian rose, cypress, wood, amber and patchouli.
It smells: At first, like a sparkling glass of champagne with a dollop of yummy Chambord, the fancy French black raspberry liqueur, poured into it. Sooo delish! Then makes a big departure and starts to turn green and herbaceous, drying down the slightly masculine cypress note comes through quite strongly which makes me think of Christmas trees. Luckily, this is tempered by a slightly dusty rose that elevates it from being something you could share with your very metro boyfriend to something fabulously multifaceted.
Wear it: In cooler weather, day or night. It’s not a ‘casual’ fragrance but you could easily wear it to the office as well as out to dinner.

See anything you’d like to sniff yourself?

Love, love


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