Review: Dermalogica’s new PreCleanse wipes

Good news Dermalogica fans; your beloved PreCleanse is now available in wipe form! This means you can toss it into your gym or overnight bag without having to worry about extra weight or, God forbid, an oil spill!

Dermalogica PreCleanse wipes
Dermalogica PreCleanse wipes, R250.

Not familiar with Dermalogica’s bestselling PreCleanse? The brand believes in a double cleansing system; a PreCleanse to removes the stubborn stuff – think make-up, sunscreen and the oil produced by your face – and then a treatment cleanser of your choice. The idea is that the PreCleanse allows the cleanser that follows to penetrate your skin even more effectively.

While the original PreCleanse needed to be emulsified with water, the wipes are ready to rumble to the moment you whip them out the pack. However, if you wish, you can wet them to create a milky emulsion.

Dermalogica's original PreCleanse
Dermalogica’s original PreCleanse

Ingredient-wise, the wipe’s formulation includes soothing aloe extract, hydrating glycerine and a host of skin-loving oils like apricot kernel and bitter orange. Those with very sensitive skin, however, should be aware that there’s also lavender and mint in the mix. My skin generally reacts to both those ingredients, but I think the concentration’s pretty low as I’ve been using the wipes for a while now without any issues.

I like that, even though the wipes contain oil, they don’t leave my skin feeling greasy in the least. For me, this is important as I’m working like a dog at the mo so by the time I take off my make-up I’m pretty much ready to black out. Twice now I’ve come home, whipped off my make-up with the wipes (a breeze)and then haven’t bothered with hitting up cleanser nommer twee. (I tend to live on the edge that way. I’m the same girl who wantonly applies ‘tester’ lippies directly to her lips and throws new klere in the wash without bothering to glance at the care label. But ja, for what it’s worth, despite using the wipes in a way that would give a Dermalogica expert an aneurism, my face has yet to melt off, implode or, worse yet, break out.

Other things worth mentioning? The wipes aren’t fragranced and are biodegradable but should be binned, not flushed.

So, if you’re keen to try them yourself, know you can now find them at a Dermalogica stockist near you.

Win! Win! Win!

I’ll be plakking up a competition here too in a bit; I just have to clarify some deets, but in the mean time you can watch this space.

Love, love


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