Giorgio Armani Si eau de toilette is coming to a store near you in March

I rather like Giorgio Armani Si Intense eau de parfum. It’s a great cold weather or night time perfume that reminds me a lot of Narciso Rodriguez in that it’s musky, sensual and statement-making. However, Armani’s new edition to the line up, Si eau de toilette, is a lighter, fresh new take on the original.

Pretty, pretty!

Armani describe the fragrance as being romantic, youthful and energetic. It’s all about saying ‘yes’ with ‘grace and audacity’, essentially embracing a ‘che gioia vivere‘ attitude which is kind of like the Italian version of the French’s joie de vie and I totally get that. It’s definitely a joyous, sparkly yet ultra classy kind of scent for a day when you’re all dressed up for a girlie lunch on a Tuesday and feel in the mood to order a glass of bubbles – just because.

Notes-wise, Si EDT is a chypre-floral with black currant, green pear, bergamot, mandarin and neroli oil top notes that create a sweet yet sheer and luminous feeling. I also pick up the teensiest, weensiest drop of powder. The floral heart is all freesia and rose that rests on a bed of ambery wood, musk, vanilla and pachouli.

At first spritz, I immediately pick up a fresh, green rose and blackcurrant in a way that makes me think of Bulgari Rose Essentielle. Then the vanilla walks in and, after a while, the dry down is very much Si Intense but it sits a lot closer to your skin, as though you’ve been wearing it all day. Where Si Intense announces itself, Si EDT reveals itself.

When I sniff my wrist, the words that come to mind are ‘warm, clean, inviting, luxurious, quietly confident and mature’ and by the latter I mean late 20s/mid 30s. If I close my eyes, I can see a relaxed yet chic-looking woman in an opulent cream coloured bathroom. She’s wearing a pale pink chiffon blouse with a rose gold watch and is looking in her handbag (an expensive-looking butter soft suede number) for her Bobbi Brown bronzer while a little girl sits next to her on the marble counter top. They’re definitely mother and daughter and you can see she’s one of those ‘unicorn’ mom’s who always manages to look perfect as well as serene despite managing her super cute kid. (Don’t we all, like, totally haaate her?) Still, while she’s feminine and soft, you don’t push the boundaries with this woman. She’s in tune with her innate power and doesn’t have to raise her voice or resort to being cute (ugh) to get what she wants in the same way she does a Cross Fit workout like a beast but would never deign to Instagram it. Are we getting the picture here?

Again, actress Cate Blanchett, the personification of sophisticated elegance, is the face.
Again, actress Cate Blanchett, the personification of sophisticated elegance, is the face.

Keen to give it a sniff yourself? You’ll find Giorgio Armani Si eau de toilette in stores next month going for R995 for 50ml and R1395 for 100ml.

Love, love


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