Fragrance review: Miss Aura by Swarovski EDT

Swarovski have launched yet another Aura flanker, Miss Aura by Swarovski. According to the brand, ‘your aura is your luck’ and wearing their new scent will bring you good fortune. The pretty li’l butterflies that adorn the bottle (along with a v nice Swarovski crystal) are the ‘messengers’ and ‘protectors’ that will look after you.

Pretty, pretty!
Pretty, pretty!

Being a careful sort, I’m not willing to spritz it on in favour of buying insurance, but I can tell you this; lucky or not, this is a very pretty scent. The kind of thing I’d wear on bright, sunny days when I wanted to feel youthful, playful and sweet.

Juice-wise, Miss Aura is a fresh fruity floral with notes that include litchi, pink grapefruit, rose, vetiver and patchouli. To my nose, I pick up the litchi and grapefruit instantly. Things then get a little rosy but a lovely fresh cut rose, not a heavy, overbearing type and then you’re ultimately left with a comforting musky-patchouli scent that’s modern and luminous as opposed to ‘beaded curtains and sandals’.

This is your magic wand, darlings...
This is your magic wand, darlings…

If I had to compare it to the original Aura, I’d have to say it’s a little sweeter and ‘airier’, if the latter’s even a word. You can still tell they’re both from the same family though and if I had to align each one with a person I’d say Aura is Dakota Fanning while Miss Aura is her little sister, Elle.

Want to sniff it yourself? It’ll be in stores like Edgars Red Square come 10 February going for a very affordable R595 for 50mls, just in time to make your Valentine’s Day wish list.

Love, love


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