A spoilicious media day at Equinox spa in the Cape Royale Luxury Hotel

The other day myself and a bunch of fellow ‘beauties’ got invited to a spolicious day of pampering at Equinox day spa in the Cape Royale Luxury hotel. Upon arrival, we got to change into big, fluffy gowns and then got led out to the deck where an array of gourmet goodies had been laid out to greet us.

Cool by the pool with LoveAffairCapeTown's Karisa.
Cool by the pool with LoveAffairCapeTown.com’s Karisa Nicholls.

The moment I spotted a big ass bowl full of oysters on ice it was game over and all politeness went out the window. Between myself and Glamour ed Pnina Fenster, we pretty much devoured every single oyster within 0,02 seconds.

You could also make your own stir-fry and The Tea Merchant was on hand offering up a kaleidoscope of delish-tasting tea.

See those cute li'l 'witchy hats'? Each cone contains a fancy silk tea bag.
See those cute li’l ‘witchy hats’? Each cone contains a fancy silk ‘gourmet’ tea bag.

After filling up, we got to waltz around with our champagne glasses, visiting ‘stalls’ set up by the various salon brands associated with Equinox. These included Mama Mio, Theravine and Theranaka, Nimue and OPI.

Up top
Going clockwise: Nimue’s Super Hydrating serum (which I’ve reviewed before) and their new healthy aging complex (a supplement), TheraVine’s delish-smelling body scrub and Hydrating Pinotage face oil and a selection of goodies from Mama Mio.

For some reason, I can’t add links to my captions today so to check out my Nimue Super Hydrating serum review, pop on over here.

Treatment-wise, I got to enjoy an OPI mani and picked a cute berry shade called Pink Flamenco.

Pretty, pretty!
Pretty, pretty!

I was also spoiled with the most amazing TheraNaka African Wood back massage and this was The Shizzle’s Nizzle. For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, TheraNaka is the African-inspired off shoot of TheraVine, the popular salon skincare brand that hails from Stellenbosch.

A TheraNaka African Wood back massage (R650 for 90 minutes) draws from the rhythmical patterns of an African dance and involves being drizzled with an uber-hydrating mix of warm olive oil and Shea butter that’s massaged into your skin via your therapists hands and wooden swarthout rollers that kind of look like little dumbbells.

See that wooden roller thing-y? That's what my therapist used to tenderise my back and It. Was. Heavenly.
See that wooden roller thing-y? That’s what my therapist used to ‘tenderise’ my back and It. Was. Heavenly.

My therapist, Cynthia, did such an amazing job of easing my perma-stressed out shoulders that dragging myself off the table was a serious struggle. I could’ve happily snoozed there all afternoon. I also liked that the massage was very sensorial in that I was greeted with a spritz of refreshing rooibos room spray and it all wrapped up with the soothing sound of a rain stick. If you’ve got a friend’s birthday coming up, this would be the most amazing gift and, if you get someone to go halvies on it with you, it becomes a bit more pocket-friendly too.

Once the day was done, we all walked off with very generous goodie bags containing an array of products stocked by the spa. Of everything I’ve had the time to play with, I’ve most enjoyed using Nimue’s sun-c SPF 40 (R300 for 60ml) and yet another Theravine product, Ultravine Advance Gold Collagen Film face mask (R210 for a pack of two).

Nimue sun-c sunscreen and TheraVine Ultravine Advance Gold collagen film
Nimue sun-c sunscreen and TheraVine Ultravine Advance Gold collagen film

Nimue’s sunscreen, aside from serving up a nice, high SPF is also infused with antioxidants like collagen-encouraging vitamin C and hydrating olive and avocado oil. Even though it’s a light lotion formulation, as an oily-skinned peep, I couldn’t pull it off on top of my daily moisture. But it’s definitely the kind of product I’d be very happy to slap on my face when I go for a run on the prom.

As for the Theravine mask, each pack contains two jelly-like masks that have been infused in an impressive mix of skin lovin’ ingredients, most notably skin plumping hyaluronic acid, hydrating glycerin and collagen extract, collagen-boosting vitamin C and retinol plus skin-brightening kojic acid. There’s also a little gold dust and diamond powder in there too (ooh la la, darlings), but from a benefits perspective they’re only really there to create a feeling of serious indulgence. Or perhaps take the edge off the fact that, when you wear it, you’re totally channelling a serial killer.

I want your soul!
I want your soooouuul!

Anyway, a big dankie to Equinox spa for a fabulous avie out, I’ll be back at some point for another Theranaka massage, I’m sure.

Love, love


5 thoughts on “A spoilicious media day at Equinox spa in the Cape Royale Luxury Hotel

  1. So that’s (Theravine Mask) what the Death Eaters in Harry Potter were wearing. No wonder Lucius looked so damn yummy when he took the mask off 😉

    1. Hahahah! The mask is cold and slimy when you first put it on, but your body heats it up fast and then it’s quite pleasant. Had fun terrifying my flatmate with it. Also made a point of peeling it off and trying to shove it in her mouth which didn’t go down well. Clearly she doesn’t have a taste for luxury.

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