Nimue Super Hydrating Serum review; it really is ‘super’!

Like I’ve mentioned before, I was a spoiled little cow in regards to my birthday and yet another of my ‘shame, you’re old’ surprises came from local in-salon skin care brand Nimue. Aside from a mooi little lip gloss from their new-ish ColourScience make-up collection, they also gave me one of their best-selling booster treatments; Nimue Super Hydrating serum (R575).
Was this pure serendipity or do you think they took notes while reading my blog? (If you remember, it was their hydrating mask that saved the day when my skin freaked out towards the end of a facial late last month…) Anyway, I was super impressed with its efficacy so I’m now thrilled to own a bottle myself.

In a nut shell, Nimue’s Hydrating serum is something you can use as an ‘add on’ or ‘booster’ and incorporate into any skin care routine. It makes use of a ‘nanotechnology delivery system’ to saturate your skin with moisture that goes the distance. Ingredients-wise, it makes use of soothing Shea butter and skin softening urea as well as collagen, elastin and silk. The last three ingredients are all great in regards to their water-binding properties and, as they’ve hydrolized (this means made small enough to be absorbed into your skin) they can squiggle into your epidermis and hold moisture deep inside your skin.

As my skin’s often dehydrated but rather oily, I don’t wear this out in the day as it makes me look too dewy. Instead, I apply it at night like a leave-on mask and am wearing it now as I type. Also, on mornings where I’ve woken up feeling a bit droog, I’ve slapped it on, left it to penetrate for twenty minutes or so and then wiped off the excess. Afterwards, any fine dehydration lines have been blitzed in their moer and my skin feels fabulously supple.

In all, if you’ve been looking for something to help bump up your hydration levels, have very dry skin or spend a lot of time in craptastic moisture-sucking environments like heavily air-conditioned offices or planes; this serum’s a safe bet.

Thanks Nimue!

Love, love


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