So myself and Chelle threw a Chambord & Champers party and now it’s pretty much all we ever want to drink

It’s no secret that I have a terrible weakness for bubbly. However, now that I’ve discovered the delicious decadence that is Chambord, I’m pretty much spoiled for life and am going to struggle to enjoy any kind of champers without it.

For those who don’t know, Chambord is a blend of berries, French cognac, vanilla, herbs and spices inspired by a wild raspberry liqueur said to be enjoyed by King Louis XIV at Chateau Chambord, a luxury hunting lodge.

Just look at that gorgeous jewelled cap! It’s got a bit of a Louis Vuitton-vibe going on, don’t you think?

Being a lucky cow, I was spoiled with three bottles of it (yes! airpunch!) and decided to share it via a Chambord & Champers party, the much more enticing alternative to book clubs and – quelle horreur – Tuppaware parties.

My darling friend Chelle, she of Dear Deer satin pillowslips, offered to play host to a mix of our friends as she’s got a bigger spot than I do and pretty much lives and breathes to entertain. Girl is hands down the hostess with the mostest and put Bree van der Kamp to shame by whipping up the most amazing spread that even included Chambord-inspired berry-topped red velvet cupcakes.

Can we get an ‘OMG!’ over here, please?

As for the cocktails, they were a raging success and, better yet, ridiculously easy to make. You literally pour a shot of Chambord into the bottom of your glass and top it up with bubbly before dropping in a berry or two et voila! I couldn’t get over how the addition of something so simple could take the already awesomeness of champagne and immediately convert it into an even more extravagant treat.

Sitting pretty
That’s Marisa Logan of Butterknife PR on the bottom left. She popped in for a quick cocktail before hitting up another dinner party.

Oh! And did I mention that my friend Tara made everyone a Hello Kitty goodie bag? It included sweeties, sparklers, plastic rings and Disprin; you know all, the all the Chambord & Champers party essentials. And I can’t tell you how much I appreciated those pain killers the next day…

Going clockwise we’ve got Tara and myself, Tracy, ‘The Bling Ring’ swearing an oath to the Chambord gods and Chelle unleashing her inner Tinkerbelle.

After a super fun night awash with berries and bubbly, we all decided that every luxurious liqueur cabinet needs a beautiful bottle of Chambord, if not to display in all its zexy-looking glory but to enjoy on celebratory days when plain ole’ champagne just won’t do. Chelle’s uber-elegant designer friend, Leigh Schubert (namedrop, namedrop), remarked that it’s ‘a fabulous gift for the girl who’s already got it all’.

Going clockwise we’ve got Leigh, Janine and yet another Leigh; Vicky and Chelle; Tara, Tracy and Bianca. Cheers girls!

Love, love


P.S. I just love this morning after ‘aftermath’ photo Chelle stuck up on Facebook.

For the record I stayed over and helped her clean it up.

Again, a big thank you to Chelle as well as Marisa Logan of Butterknife PR and, of course, Chambord.

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