FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women party leaves me cold (but I still had a good time)

FHM magazine recently put out their 100 Sexiest Women issue. The list included foreign hotties like Gisele and Rosie Huntington-Whitely as well as local girls like Tracy McGregor (no. 54) and Lee-Anne Liebenberg (no. 2). Taking the number one spot, however, was former Miss SA Melinda Bam who’s just as gorgeous in real life as she is in print.

FHM Ed Brendan Cooper (a darling just so you know) and the mag's hottest chica, Ms Melinda Bam
FHM Ed Brendan Cooper (a total darling just so you know) and the mag’s mooiest meisie, Ms Melinda Bam

Despite all the hotties, the event still left me icy cold (if only literally… I’m not saying it was kak, okay) due to being held in what is essentially an outdoor mall. As a result, most of my shots kind of look like this:

My legs... I can't feel my legs....
My legs… I can’t feel my legs….

Things did look up, however, after I discovered an open bar which allowed me to slip into a nice, warm ‘n fuzzy ‘champagne coat’. This may or may not have contributed to me charming the socks off model MC Dean Botha by telling him he looked like a creepy (yet dashing) candy carrying paedophile in his long, trendy coat.

cloudia drummond dene botha
Blogger bestie Clouds and Meneer Dean.

Obviously I was snot flying drunk ‘cos now it’s pretty clear dude was actually channelling Inspector Gadget. (Who was probably also a candy carrying paedophile…)

Anyway, I also got to spend more time with Material actress Carishma Basday who I’d met at that Glamour Stiletto run the other day. She made no. 84 on the list beating out the likes of Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift.

Carishma and her date, actor/comedian BLAH.
Carishma and her date, actor/comedian Sunil ‘Sunny’ Osman.

Girl’s got a wicked sense of humour too and, during our chat, realised she still had a pair of panties shoved in her jacket pocket.


‘Er, what’s up with that?’, I asked. ‘Oh these? I shoved ’em in here ages ago as I wanted to throw them on stage at the Bon Jovi concert’. Ding! Ding! Ding! Oh hello there crazy girl. We could totes be BFF’s for life, yo.

But ja. As a distraction from the freeze, guests were treated to a fun burlesque performance and a grungy hipster girl band called The Dolphins.

Kill it angry white Southern Suburbs princess!
Mom didn’t give us enough pocket money this month! Scream, wail, scream! Our maid didn’t iron my jeans right! Scream, wail, scream…

Clearly I’m getting old as, to me, all their songs sounded like an indistinguishable mash of noise. Karisa and Bjorn, however, who’ve got way more hipster in them than I do, thought they were ‘like beyond awesome’.

After the show, we snapped up our media bags which is where I found this FHM cap. I then proceeded to drunkenly stagger around the streets of Woodstock taking embarrassing selfies while Clouds climbed onto some random dude’s bike parked out front and proceed to pose it up for Bjorn’s camera. I have a vague memory of him taking her pic and going ‘No, no; that was good! You look so Rihanna right now!’

Oh hey there Rihanna!

I then woke up the next day to discover this embarrassing media wall shot of Bjorn in my inbox. Could someone not have just pulled him away with a hook already?

Could someone not have just pulled him away with a hook or something?
Could someone not have just pulled him away with a hook or something?

Anyway, if you want to see who cracked the nod for FHM’s 100 Sexiest list pick up the July issue of the mag out on shelves now.

Love, love



Ha ha!
Ha ha!

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3 thoughts on “FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women party leaves me cold (but I still had a good time)

  1. I think FHM does it on purpose for more nipple stands 😉 I went to one in 2005, I think, at Emmarentia, also outdoors, felt so sorry for the girls in their skimpy outfits.

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