Luxottica’s media day is one you don’t want to miss

Eyewear importers Luxottica held a l’il media bash the other day. For those who don’t know, they import luxury eyewear brands like Ray-Ban, Prada and Burberry into South Africa. They invited everyone over in intimate little groups to the Plascon design centre in Waterkant street where we got to browse racks and racks of new sunnies and specs after indulging in a yummy four course tasting menu.

That big round table (top left) swirled around like a Lazy Susan so it was kind of like being at the most stylish Chinese restaurant in town.


That risotto on the right was out of this world good.

My friend Paul’s the ‘ambassador’ for Villiera and he was there showing off his bubbly. While I like both the Tradition Brut and Brut Rose pictured, I’m still a massive fan of the label’s new Starlight Brut CC. It’s a low alcohol and low kilojoule cap classique that still tastes delish.

Anyway, getting back to the sunnies… the two pairs I liked best were these new aluminium Ray-Ban Clubmasters (R2 290) and the Vogues I spotted on Luxottica peep Jade. She says they’re the same one’s their new poster girl Eva Mendez wears.

For the record, I don’t know what I’m doing with my hand in this shot. Beating my chest from all the awesome? Jade looks tres glam, however.

My lunch buddy, You mag’s fashion editor Chu, was a fan of these beige round frames (I still have to find out where they’re from) and these fabulously top heavy Pradas.

Somehow I think Chu does a better job at pulling off the Pradas…

Paul was a fan of these super cute Persol PO3052V frames:

One the left I’m wearing DG4191P’s from Dolce & Gabanna’s new Sicily collection (R2 290). They totally match my outfit. Not so much my face.

Dolce & Gabbana’s shades are pretty surreal at the moment. While they don’t suit me, you have to appreciate the prettiness that is their DG4180’s, also from the Sicily collection:

Don’t you think the flowers look just like the icing on wedding cake? With these babies on, I’m the prettiest li’l space alien on Earth.

Oooh! And I have to show you this. Many of Luxottica’s boast polarised lenses. To demonstrate this, they had a big seemingly white TV screen up on display. The moment you popped on one of their sunnies, however, you could totally see a super colour picture. Awesome, right?

Awesome, right?
Awesome, right?

Anyway, after getting my fill of bubbles, I left with a very awesome li’l gift; a pair of new Vogue Eyewear sunnies in VO 3846S.

Pretty, pretty!

Thanks Luxottica for a lovely lunch and a gorgeous pair of specs.

Love, love


Please note: I currently don’t have all the pricing for the shades pictured but the moment I get it, I’ll be sure to update the post.

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