Want to win sloggi underwear? You’ve got not one but TWO chances…

Last week the sweet peeps at sloggi (yes, that’s right; no capital, okay?) spoiled me with a double set of one of their comfiest underwear lines; a sloggi Light bra and hipster 2-pack. Value-wise, it’s kind of ridiculous; 2 bras for R229,95 and 2 hipster briefs for R119,95.

The undies have cute little bow details on the back, the same that’s on the front of each bra.

The bra’s cups sit nice and close together and are padded to the point where it’ll give you a zexy plunging cleavage while the hipster briefs are made from nylon and cotton with loads of spandex for stretch so they feel fabulously soft and feather light against your skin. I like that, because of how stretchy they are, they don’t cut into your ass and create a soul-crushing muffin top.

As I spend a good chunk o’ time running around in teensy little party rokkies, I’ve bought lots of different invisible seam undies over the years and sloggi’s are definitely the most comfortable as well as the sheerest. The weave’s so fine, in fact, that the black material could easily be used to make a pair of tights.

Anyway, I wasted no time in ripping off my clothes to take a selfie of me rocking my hot new sloggi onderklere.

You have no clue how many squats it took to get my ass looking like that.

My flatmate Kim has just pointed out that the above pic looks nothing like me and that you probably won’t believe me when I tell you it’s just li’l ole me in a choc-coloured wig a la Britney during her breakdown. You can’t listen to her though. Girl’s obviously wracked with the jellies. The only thing she gets in the mail are speeding fines and pamphlets from a local car wash. No sexy sloggis for that hater face, oh no.

You, however, can win with sloggi and there are not one but two ways to do it.

Enter sloggi’s ‘feel good with sloggi’ competition via Facebook.
Two of you could win R1000 worth of sloggi underwear, spa pamper vouchers worth R1 500 and have R500 donated to a charity of your choice. For details on how to enter (it’s beyond easy) visit the brand on Facebook.

Enter MY competition that’ll runs until COB Thursday.
If you win, sloggi will give you R1000 worth of sloggi underwear which works out to be approximately 4 bras, 4 hipster briefs and 6 g-strings. Get set for the year, y’all!

All you have to do is drop me a mail on glossycomps@gmail.comΒ with the subject ‘sloggi comp’. You don’t have to follow me on twitter or any of that kak, just drop me a mail, okay? Once I’ve got all your entries I’ll let Kim earn a few forgiveness brownie points by having her pick one out.

So what are you waiting for girls? Get clicky clicky and hold thumbs you’re a winner with sloggi.

Love, love


UPDATE: Hi girls! Thank you so much for your entries but this competition is now closed. Congrats to the winner, Tamsin Carter-Smith. I hope you enjoy your new sloggis.

17 thoughts on “Want to win sloggi underwear? You’ve got not one but TWO chances…

  1. Hey Leigh

    I’m so into Sloggis……..only purchased 1 sum time back, would love to b fortunate enough to win, as I have never been 1 of those lucky 1s to win anything……well anyway, I’ll b holding thumbs……4 myself nd every1 else dat has entered, thank you 4 giving ppl a chance to getting to no abt Sloggis……..der d best!

    Thanking you kindly


  2. sloggy comp
    I really like sloggi.It has very nice underwears and i’ll be delighted to be one of the lucky ones to win.Thumbs up sloggi

  3. I’ve wear sloggi bra in my lyf bt i would 2 try 1 cos i’ve heard dat sloggi bra is comfortable

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