Filorga Pigment-Perfect dark spot corrector serum

I have a bit of a love-hate affair with Filorga. Some of their stuff is fab but they tend to have a penchant for weird and wonderful ingredients; next gen shizz that’s supposed to be totes amaze but doesn’t always have a million scientfic studies from various independents to prove it and that type of thing tends to make me nervy.

So ja. When their Pigment-Perfect Dark Spot Corrector arrived I kind of braced myself with an inner monologue that kind of rang along the lines of this: ‘Right! So what are they using this time? Extract of South Romanian rabid eel eggs?! God! Why can’t these people just use a tried and tested spot corrector at a nice, high, effective concentration? Something like vitamin C which yes, is super ‘boring’, but proven by a zillion dermatologists to work?’

And then I sat down, read the press release and felt like a total bitch after discovering Pigment-Perfect’s key ingredient is ‘a new generation of vitamin C offered in a more soluble and stable form to help reduce melanin synthesis and even out the complexion’. Yayness!

Filorga Pigment-Perfect dark spot corrector serum R685, selected Edgars and Red Square stores.

Another key ingredient Filorga’s keen to point out is hop extract to help reduce melanin production while reducing the number of active melanocytes to decrease the size of existing spots. It sits very low down in the ingredients list though but this doesn’t bother me as I see they’ve used good ole vitamin B3 (niacinimide) right up top along with the vitamin C and that’s a real goodie when it comes to slowing down melanin transfer.

But of course there’s the obligatory weird and wonderful ingredient; Lanacrys 2B. I’ve never heard of Lanacrys 2B and can find pretty much zip about it via Google but Filorga say it’s an extract of golden chamomile that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. (For the record, there’s loads of info regarding Golden Chamomile and its efficacy as an antioxidant; it’s a nice pick. I just couldn’t find anything on Lanacrys 2B, the derivative that Filorga’s using.)

Texture-wise, Pigment-Perfect feels fabulously light and silky on my face. It’s a great hydrator for anyone with oily/combination skin. I also LOVE that it’s packaged in a tube to protect its ingredients from oxidising. I’m currently in the middle of using a hydroquinone-based product I bought overseas to zap two dark spots around my eye area (damn ye, birth control pill and sunshine) so I’m not able to test this on my own skin but from a formulation-perspective I can tell you that its a very nice option if you’re looking for something to help blitz mild to medium pigmentation*. Just team it with a high SPF and you’re good to go.

Love, love


*I’m saying mild to medium because if you’ve got serious pigmentation I wouldn’t stuff around with OTC products. Rather get your ass to a dermatologist and get something on presciption. They might even suggest you try laser therapy or a series of skin peels which sounds like a total las but you’ll be more likely to end up getting the results you’re after.

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