Elizabeth Arden Prevage anti-aging + intensive repair daily serum review

Good news Prevage fans; Arden’s just updated their bestselling serum, Prevage. The new blend includes Idebenone, a super powerful antioxidant, but sees the addition of another new antioxidant called Arazine.

Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Arden Prevage anti-aging + intensive repair daily serum, R1 485.

While both Idebenone and Arazine protect your skin from free radical damage, Arazine soothes to reduce the effects of chronic inflammation. Many people don’t realise that their skin is ever so slightly inflamed, so subtly that they don’t actually notice it, pretty much all the time. In the long run, this can cause premature aging.

Other ingredients worth a mention include Thiotaine, another antioxidant that was present in the first formula; botanical cork extract to improve skin’s firmness as well as panthenyl triacetate (PTA) and Naringen, yet more antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the look of redness. Several women who used earlier versions of Prevage complained it caused skin redness so the addition of several super soothers is fab; this makes the formula more tolerable for those with sensitive skin. In fact, if you’re one of the many who used to find it a leetle too strong, I suggest you pick up a sample of this new one and see if you guys can kiss and make up.

Promise-wise, Prevage’s serum claims to protect your skin from free radicals and improve the look of age spots and wrinkles. (It also contains collagen-encouraging skin tone-evening retinly palmitate, a less potent version of my beloved retinol.)

Anyway, I’ve been using the new formula for a while now but can’t comment on how or if it’s improved my skin as I’m using so many other goodies at the moment. But I will say this; the first Prevage serum caused what looked like a shaving rash around my mouth and on my chin and this one is plain sailing. While it’s still a bit too siliconey for me to wear during the day (I have an oily T-panel), those with a more balanced skin type will appreciate it. It kind of removes the need for a silicone-based foundation primer (if you use one) so your foundation glide on like a dream. Also, as it’s pearlescent and yellow-tinted, it gives your skin a healthy-looking glow and diffuses the look of fine lines.

The only thing I don’t like is the new dropper packaging. I prefer to keep air out of my anti-agers regardless of whether a company says its actives are stable. The one plus though, packaging-wise, is that the tube has a little see through window on the side so you can see how much product you have left. No awkward going away for a holiday and discovering your all out of your favourite product. Yay!

If you’d like Arden to be the provider of your antioxidant fix and have more money than I do, go snap up the serum which is currently on counter. It’s going for R1 485.

Love, love


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