Bobbi Brown launches Extra Bright skin brightening collection

Bobbi Brown’s created a new brightening skincare range called Extra Bright. It consists of just three products (a cleanser, serum and lotion) and all three promise to work together to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced moisture lotion (R690), foaming cleanser (R410) and serum (R790).

The star ingredient Bobbi’s relying on to help get you glowing is actually a ‘Super Citrus’ complex, a blend of Unishiu (young orange) peel extract, grapefruit, lime extract and vitamin C. The latter is well known for it’s ability to help brighten up dull-looking uneven skin and is a nice collagen-encourager to boot. The products also include moisturisers like hyaluronic acid as well as glucosamine, a sugar derivative, to gently exfoliate your skin.

Extra Bright, darlings!
Extra Bright, darlings!

I was given the Extra Bright Advanced foaming cleanser and have enjoyed using it. I like that you only need the teensiest drop yet it foams up to a rich, indulgent feeling lather. After washing it off, my skin is left feeling clean but not dried out or tight. Just don’t get it in your eyes; it stings like crazy!

While it would be nice if everyone who was interested in the range had the kind of cash to snap up the whole line, this isn’t the case for most people. If you want to rely on Bobbi to help brighten up your skin but are feeling the pinch, perhaps just snap up the serum. It’s got the most concentrated amount of Super Citrus complex as well as yeast extract which, Bobbi reckons, can help break up existing melanin clusters. Also, while having a cleanser with brightening/exfoliating ingredients is a real nice-to-have, you’ll get more bang for your buck from a leave-on product which will sit on your face long enough to make more of an impact.

Obviously, as with any pigmentation battle plan, it would be vitally important that you team this serum with a super high sunscreen every time you set foot outdoors. It can take months and months for a serum or cream to lighten pigmentation but you can undo all your progress with just a few minutes of unprotected sun exposure.

Look out for Bobbi’s Extra Bright range on counter now at selected Edgars and Red Square stores across SA.

Love, love


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