Did you know Chappies have been creating art installations all over Cape Town?

Chappies bubblegum will always remind me of my childhood. My sister and I used to get a couple of Rands as pocket-money every Saturday and almost always blew it at the corner cafe on a diabetes-inducing sugar haul that always include grape Chappies (still the best flavour to date), Count Dracula sherbet, chewy apricot sweets and Perky Nana chocolate*.

I'm embarrassed by how much
I’m embarrassed by how much saliva just gushed into my mouth while posting this l’il pic. Yum!

Anyway, to celebrate the fact that they’ve recently rolled out loads of new ‘Did You Know?’ wrapper facts all sourced from South African consumers, Chappies created a series of art installations made up of thousands of pieces of gum. These were stuck around various parts of Cape Town and I got invited to check out the one they put up in Woodstock.Desktop20Once up, the piece read ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’.
Chappies 5This ties in to one of the new Chappies ‘Did You Know?’s that informs people of the fact that the featured sentence uses ever letter of the alphabet. And for the record, I did know that. But that’s just ‘cos I’m, like, ridiculously smart.

Anyway, the installation took a gruelling 15 hours to put together and then, within moments of going ‘live’, it got devoured by the locals within seconds. Check it out:

After the presentation I got to walk off with a huge glass jar of Chappies that delighted le flatmate and friends.

This piccie isn’t doing any justice to the size of this monster jar.

And if you thought the bubblegum-hungry hyenas of Woodstock was a sight to behold I’m glad you didn’t see the way we flattened this baby. In! It’s! Moer!

Thank you Chappies; this was super fun.

Love, love


*Does anyone else remember Perky Nana? If Cadbury’s ever brought that back I can guarantee you I’d become one of those morbidly obese people who have to get around on an electric scooter. But mine would have diamante crystal rims, so it would be, like, totally hot!

11 thoughts on “Did you know Chappies have been creating art installations all over Cape Town?

  1. OMG, Perky Nana was like my favourite choccie as a kid!!! Nobody else I know actually remembers it. I’ve tried to explain it to people and then they just stare at me with this blank look… like chick you’re crazy… 🙂 Also loved Dracula Sherbert. And grape Chappies do rock. xxx

  2. Perky Nana! Oh my. My day has been ruined and made better all at the same time. Happy someone else remembers it, now devastated I can’t have one right now!

    Well if Rascals, Fruit Loops and bloody Kreols can make a come back – why can’t we push for Perky Nana????????

    1. Froot Loops are one of my favourite things in the world. Can only buy it when I’m at or below my goal weight ‘cos I always devour an entire box in one sitting!

      1. On ebay its almost TRIPLE the costs… Google Countdown in new zealand… they ship them. Just see if they can ship to you?

  3. Ha ha! Showing our age chicks! Hmm, perky nanas! If you got a good one the yellow marshmallow would be all soft and squishy. If you got an old one the yellow would be a bit korrelrig! But we ate it anyway! And ruined our teeth on black and cola Wilson toffees!

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