Kim Kardashian’s new perfume, True Reflection, hits South African shores

So! In between running around town showing off Kanye West like a new handbag, Kim Kardashian’s found the time to release yet another fragrance. And yes, I hear you, I hear you… you’re all breathing a collective sigh going ‘Really? Really?! Does the world really need another celebrity fragrance?’ Still, I’m the type of person who really couldn’t be bothered as to who’s the face or name behind a scent – I could merrily wear a fragrance by Thomas the bloody Tank Engine, provided it was decent – so, the way I see it, the more the merrier; I like having lots of options when it comes to picking out a mooi-smelling juice. And it actually is rather mooi-smelling…

Kim Kardashian True Reflection EDT (R395 for 30mls)

While Kim’s first fragrance was a ‘bold’, gardenia-riddled, Michael Kors-inspired* affair, her latest perfume, Kim Kardashian True Reflection, is a much quieter, subtler scent. (Is she trying to say that deep down she’s really a shy, quiet girl, the kind who secretly yearns to make scrapbooks of her cats, while her divalicious media personality is really just an alter ego?)

Don’t mind me, I be just a li’l church mouse is all…

A fruity-woody-gourmand, True Reflection’s notes include bergamot, peach, ‘coconut noir’, gardenia (but of course!), chocolate orchid (oh my!), patchouli and ‘warm woods’. Individually, most of these elements are decidedly yummy but thrown together could make for a truly sickening, headache-inducing mix. Think Angel meets a Malibu-infused pink umbrella-sporting cocktail… Fortunately, Kim somehow got it to work in a way where it’s actually quite subdued and dare I say it, rather pretty.

On me, True Reflection starts out as a rather generic almost citrusy white floral blast that, at first sniff, made me think ‘body spray’. However, the chocolate soon starts to emerge (yum!), but before things get too sweet, evaporates to reveal a soft, cosy blend of peach and vanilla. It’s the kind of thing that’s subtle enough for you to wear to the office, specifically on an early spring/late autumn day teamed with a cuddly cashmere jersey. Its yummy peachy-ness makes me think of Tommy Hilfiger Peach Blossom, but a much more sensual version which I prefer. As far as the coconut goes, I don’t pick that up at all.

If you’re a diehard ‘Dash Doll’ (Kardashian fan) or simply like easy-to-wear soft pretty scents, this is definitely worth a sniff. Oh! And if you decide to snap it up, best act fast; if you buy the 50ml version for R599 you’ll score a free Chanel-inspired handsakkie available while stocks last.

You’ll find this baby (if you’re fast) at selected Truworths, Foschini and Edgars stores.

Love, love


*Apparently, Kim’s favourite perfume, aside from her own, is Michael by Michael Kors which is pretty much gardenia, gardenia, gardenia, just so you know…

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