Reviews: L’Oreal Paris False Lash x Fiber mascara, Max Factor Smooth Miracle primer and Yardley Even Complexion foundation

L’Oreal have sent me a whack of newbies and I’ll be working my way through the pile but lets start with new mascara False Lash Superstar x Fiber (R184,95, Dis-Chem).

Forgive how yellow my middle finger looks. I was also playing with new foundations when I snapped this.

I really didn’t think I’d like this as I’m not a fan of 2-phase mascara and don’t like fibery bits as they can end up looking spidery but this didn’t do that. The first phase involves slicking on a ‘regular’ mascara that creates a jet black, very defined lash line. Phase two is a coat of the fibre-rich formula that fluffs things up a little.


I kind of expected more of the fibers to stick to my lashes but they didn’t. This might be disappointing for someone who likes a fibery, spidery finish but I prefer one that’s more defined so this wasn’t an ‘ish’ for me, but just something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a mascara that really brings the drama.

My pupil looks creepy and square ‘cos that’s the reflection of my phone. I’m not an android. Promise. (But my phone is!)

If you’re looking for a jet black mascara that creates a slightly fluttery look this False Lash Super Star X Fiber might be for you. It reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Arden’s Grand Entrance mascara but for half the price. For the record, however, my fave L’Oreal mascara is still good ole Voluminous.

Another drug store newbie? Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer (R239,95, Clicks).

When I first pulled this out the pakkie I thought it said ‘Smooth Criminal’ which would’ve been awesome.

While it’s silicone-based, as is the case with the majority of primers out there, it doesn’t aggravate a bad case of the oilies (I have combination skin) and works well under all the foundations I’ve used it with. I like that it creates a nice, even canvas and does a good job of blurring the look of pores and fine lines without feeling like I’m wearing a heavy paste.

I’ve also been wearing it alone on days when I wear just concealer, smoothing it over my forehead and nosed. It really does take a good two or three years off my face.

Another plus? It contains a decent amount of antioxidant niacinimide (vitamin B5) that helps your skin retain moisture, soothes and can play a role in minimising the look of pigmentation.

Speaking of pigmentation, Yardley have just launched pocket-friendly Even Complexion foundation (R189,95) that aims to help brighten your skin tone.

Foundation for days!

The actives they’re relying on are something called Porcelain Flower and ‘synerlight’. I can’t find much information on the former but a little googling reveals synerlight is a mix of kiwi fruit and a root extract but it’s effectiveness is ‘dose dependant’. I have no clue if Yardley’s foundation contains enough to do the trick but it does have an SPF of 20 and that’s good news because a good sunscreen is still one of your best defences when it comes to preventing pigmentation.

This is Natural which works when I’m not wearing self-tan.

As far as the coverage aspect goes, Even Complexion serves up very natural-looking sheer to medium weight slightly luminous-looking coverage. There are eight shades available that range from very pale all the way through to chocolate with different undertones. For reference, I could wear either Natural, Sand Beige or Medium Beige but opt for Natural as it’s got a slightly yellow undertone that flatters me more than Medium Beige’s pink or Sand Beige which is completely neutral.

See anything you’d like to try yourself?

Love, love


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