L’Oreal Lash Architect 4D and Maybelline Volum’ Express One by One Satin Black mascara reviews

It’s been raining mascara… Just last week I tried one that was too kak to mention and two that were rather nice. The first (nice one!) I’m going to chat about is L’Oreal Lash Architect 4D, R195.

It promises to create a false lash effect by doing four things; bumping up your lashes volume and adding curve, texture and length.

In regards to the ‘texture’, the formula contains lots of teensy little fibres that attach to your lash to make it look a little more voluminous. Thing is, I wasn’t really all that impressed in regards to its lash fattening ability. As the brush is so thin, you’d have to really go over your lashes a zillion times to thicken them up. What it excels at, however, is length. To give you an idea, here’s my lashes without mascara:

Ag shampies man... someone get this girl a mascara...

And here’s my new-found length thanks to Lash Architect 4D:

Nice and long...

Also, the benefit of the long, super thin brush is that you can get right into the corner of your eyes to coat your teeny tiny inner lashes. In all, if you’ve got very short lashes and want them to brush the tops of your brow bone, this guy’s a good bet. I also liked that the mascara didn’t ‘flake’ as the day wore on, so you don’t have to worry about fibres getting into or irritating your eyes.

Now let’s talk Maybelline’s Volum’ Express One by One Satin Black, R114,95. I read online that it’s a limited edition mascara created to celebrate the fact that they were one of the sponsors for Australian fashion week.

Cute man! Check out his zexy little corset...

I prefered this out of the two as it was easier to pump up the volume, but without a single clump. It’s got a big rubbery bristle brush that helps to glob the mascara all over the bash of your lashes and lots of short teensy little bristles to spread it out while ensuring fabulous definition. Check it out:

Ta da!

I also liked that the formula is, in fact, a nice satiny black; a slick-looking jet as dark as my cold, black heart…

So ja… in a nut shell, if you want length, opt for Lash Architect 4D. More keen on a natural-looking well-defined lash line? Maybelline’s Black Satin’s your baby. Still, in saying all that, neither managed to impress me more than my favourite from each brand; L’Oreal Voluminous (which I adore!) and Maybelline Full N’ Soft which, in my opinion, beats their infamous Great Lash hands down.

Love, love


5 thoughts on “L’Oreal Lash Architect 4D and Maybelline Volum’ Express One by One Satin Black mascara reviews

  1. Hey Leigh – my fav mascara right now is MAC’s Haute n Naughty – have u tried it? Of course, I am only interested in the naughty wand – gives vavavavoom AND length! Who wants demure when u can have drama LOL

    1. I haven’t used MAC’s Haute n Naughty, but have tried Rimmel Day 2 Night which is the same concept. And I’m totally with you; I want drama and fabulosity EVERY DAY, not just at night or for special events. 😉 My favourite MAC mascara is Zoom Lash. It’s divine in that it creates lots of defined volume in just two easy slicks making it well worth trying out. X x x

      1. Definitely going to give Zoom Lash a try when my Haute ‘n Naughty gets icky! Thanks for the heads up! xx

  2. I’ve never seen someone use their Mascara with the results you get!! You’re my idol!!…… how you get those really separated and thin without-crumpy-mascara lashes. Im in love!!! I’ve never ever ever ever seen someone achieve that.

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