2True cosmetics are set to launch at Clicks

I’d never heard of 2True cosmetics before but was glad to discover them at a Clicks’ media launch the other day. As it turns out, they’re a budget British brand that first launched in Superdrug but has done so well, they’re expanding across the globe.

Since it first hit the shelves, 2True have sold over 20 million products!

What makes them so fabulous is that they’re super duper inexpensive and have an interesting permanent ‘offer’ in that you can buy any one for just R34,99 or any three for R84,99. Awesome, right?! That’s just over R28 a pop!

After the launch, I found two 2True nail colours and a Cheek ‘n’ Lip Tint in my goodie bag. I tried the Fast Dry Colour Quick nail polish in shade no. 10, a midnight blue shade.

2True Fast Dry Colour Quick nail polish in no. 10

It did dry very quickly and just two coats were enough to create a very nice-looking mani. Just be warned, you HAVE to wear a good base coat otherwise even just having it on for ten minutes will stain your nails an evil shade of Avatar that took me two days to get rid off!

As for the lip stain…

2True Cheek 'n' Lip Tint

…on your lips it looks EXACTLY like Benefit’s expensive Benetint and wears just as well. It doesn’t have the pretty rose scent, however, and there’s an ingredient in the mix that makes my lips feel as though they’re turning numb within a minute after application. Bizzare, for sure, but it soon goes away and then just looks super pretty.

I think, like most severely budget ranges, 2True is going to have some real hits and misses. The good thing though is that at their asking price you can totally afford to experiment. As it is I’m dying to try their self tan towels…

2True Self Tan Towelette

…and wash off body bronzer:

2True Wash Off Skin Bronzer

But ja… I’m so glad we’re finally getting more decent budget brands, aside from Essence and Catrice. We really do need the variety and I hate that in the states, Revlon and L’Oreal are viewed as ‘drug store’ brands, meaning they’re supposed to the cheaper, inexpensive alternatives to beauty counter items, and yet we have to pay the same price for a Revlon nail polish as we would for an Essie one, which is a ‘salon’ brand. And many of L’Oreal’s mascaras, while fabulous, shouldn’t have to cost just a few rands less than one you could buy from the Clinique counter. Stomp, stomp, rage… So ja… I’m thrilled we’re getting a few more wallet-friendly beauty goodies to play with.

Love, love


9 thoughts on “2True cosmetics are set to launch at Clicks

  1. I’ve used these before from superdrug, and theyre awesome. Especially the tan towelettes. Big fan of those!

  2. I used the same blue and didn’t use a base coat. It took my nail 2 weeks to turn back to a natural pink. Thank goodness I only painted one to test the colour!

  3. Ooh if the wash off bronzer is anything like the discontinued Rimmel matte shimmer bronzing gel PLEASE let us know!

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