Oh dear…

Darling Jeannie D put me on her guest list for the Audi A1 launch tonight. The PR co, Total Exposure, sent me an invite and took all my deets – but negleted to tell me that they decided to cancel the event earlier today due to the crazy-ass wind we’re having. Thus, I rearranged my whole day, got all dolled up and rocked up at the Table Bay hotel  – only to be told that the event was a no go.

Ag nee! Can you say, seriously unprofessional?

Even Michael Mol wasn’t told about the cancellation so he also pitched up and had to be sent away… (Dude’s far too nice to complain about it though. Seriously. You’ll never met a sweeter bloke. And interviewing him is a total dream – he literally sits down and writes half the article for you and then keeps in touch religiously to ensure you have everything you need. Love that!)

Anyhoo, the evening wasn’t a complete waste of make-up… Nickle Pickle (my partner for the would-be event) and I ended up having a v. nice meal at The Kove.

Could we look more like German tourists if we tried?

Their calamari and chicken liver starters are both fabulously tender and the haloumi salad (served with nummy caramelised peanuts) was delish. The cherry on top, however, was their amazing Peppermint Crisp cocktail. Served in a martini glass, it’s made up of peppermint liqueur shaken with kahlua, natural white choccie extracts and fresh cream. Tres delish!

Next time you’re on the strip, go treat yourself. I know you’ll love it.

x x

Update: Got hold of Total Exposure. They said they weren’t in charge of calling up people to cancel and blamed a Jozi co called Provantage Media. However, Jason at Provantage said his co was in charge of canceling on customers and suppliers etc, while Total Exposure was supposed to cancel on media and celebs. Sjoe! To Total Exposure’s credit, they then apologised for the dramz… but only after I played phone tag and pretty much asked for it. Sigh…

6 thoughts on “Oh dear…

  1. Comment amended slightly for language:
    Both companies, Total exposure and Provantage can lick my balls. In my opinion, the Audi A1 looks kak anyway, funny looking rear end and looks to similar to a VW Polo, the only reason I did go was for the free booze & snacks. And no, I don’t want an invite to the next launch, @#$% you very much.

  2. @ Ralph

    Shame… It’s always idiots like you who end up moaning about the way a car looks while you’re stuffing your gullet with free food and booze. If that’s all you were there for then you probably couldn’t afford an A1 anyway. I’m sure Audi would also appreciate it if you didn’t attend the next launch and left some food for people who actually buy Audi’s…

  3. Thanks my love! Need to get it trimmed though. It looks fab when it’s curled, but when I leave it down straight, it’s a bit lomp.

    Sending you lots of love to sunny Durbs. Oooh, and you’ll just die… I’m taking my boy to Club Med Phuket in May! He’s going to love it! Will think of you while I shop, shop, shop! x x x

    1. Er… neither do I.

      Sorry girls, I think that’s quite enough from Ralph. Also, I’d like to point out that while I felt Audi’s launch was badly organized, I’ll always be a fan of the cars themselves. (My dad used to have a sexy silver one…) Also, the opinions of my readers aren’t always my own, but I’ll post them anyway because I believe in free speech. Except if you’re Ralph… ‘cos I don’t believe in ‘douche’…

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