Review: Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle with Brazil nut oil-in-shampoo, pulp treatment mask and Talent 10 leave-in treatment

When it comes to shampoo, I’ve often gravitated towards Schwarzkopf’s Gliss line up. They make the best spray conditioners ever and I go through them like water as my super fine, colour-treated hair is always a nightmare to brush out when wet.

For this reason, I’m always thrilled to their salon collection as, for the most part, they’re pretty fabulous. Remember Fibre Force? (I liked that so much I hid it away from my flatmate!)

I’ve recently been able to try one of the pillars in their popular Miracle Oil line – a range of oil-infused products with one to suit every hair type, be it fine, thick, stressed or dry.

Anyway, the red line, Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle with Brazil nut oil is for all hair types, including hair that’s been colour treated. The brand specifically picked antioxidant Brazil nut as it’s a nice source of protein, minerals and omega acids and can help fill in the parts of your hair that have become porous.

FYI, this shampoo is unicorn approved.

Considering that my hair isn’t especially thick, crazy fine and needs washing every single day, I initially worried this would be too heavy for me, but it works great – cleansing well and conditioning beautifully but still leaving me with lots of ‘swish’. Like all the products in the range it’s got the most delish sweet-smelling scent and it’s pretty powerful. If you use the leave-in treatment (read more about that below) you’re going to smell it every time you sniff your hair – and you’re really going to want to!

But let’s break it down, shall we? The shampoo isn’t SLS-free but it’s low foaming. So much so I initially used it twice in one shower as I was worried it wouldn’t cleanse enough. But this was unfounded as works well and just one wash does the trick.

I then used the conditioner which takes the form of a very lightweight mask that contains argan powder particles that, Schwarzkopf reckon, ‘gently removes impurities’.

Hello, hello!

Guys, I was soooo skeptical about this dude. I mean, do I really want to put a conditioner with little granules into my hair? What if it got trapped in my scalp and then I walked around feeling like I had beach sand in my tresses. But hey, I’m a test monkey so I gave it a bash and, as it turns out, you wouldn’t even know they were there. There’s no sensation of exfoliation and when you rinse they’re gone. Obviously I don’t know what they’re doing on a micro level but I could personally do without the grains – not because I ‘notice’ them, but because I don’t. As far as the conditioner goes, however, it’s a good one with an ultra light texture that could just as easily been packaged in a tube rather than a tub.

Wait? Is this a body scrub?

Initially I used it on my lengths only (again, someone who has to wash their hair daily is always afraid of products touting ‘oil’) but it’s so ‘micro’ you don’t have to worry. I now happily slap this guy on my hair from root to tip.

Last, but not least, the line includes a leave-in treatment – a sprayable milk that contains strengthening hydrolised keratin, smoothing panthenol, antioxidant vitamin E and UV filters.

The other products are packaged in plastic but this boy’s in heavy glass that makes him feel especially luxe.

If your hair’s feeling dry you can go to crazy town and spritz it everywhere like a leave in mask. Me? I like to spritz on it the crazy tangles I get around my crown area, where my hair is at it’s finest, when my hair is wet so that it brushes out beautifully without breaking. And then there’s that addictive sweet-smelling scent…

Keen to try anything? You can find your nearest Schwarzkopf salon via their South African website.

Love, love


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