Fairlady’s Best of Beauty 2012 competition kicks off

So the darlings at Fairlady sent me a free copy of their new April issue. It’s cover features a radiant-looking Meryl Streep who’s now in her 60’s but still has skin that looks no worse than mine after a wild night o’ boozing it up and passing out in my make-up:

Jissus tannie, wat room gebruik jy?!

They’re super excited ‘cos they’re busy raking in entries* for their annual Best of Beauty competition. I’m super excited too ‘cos this year they’ve added a brand new category; Best Beauty Blogger.

Naturally, I wasted no time in entering and told my nouveau-riche little sis I’d stop loving her if she didn’t write them a big fat check… Jokes, jokes… I’m, like, totally kidding about the last bit. Sort of… But ja… I’ll be holding fingers and toes until the winners get announced in their November issue later this year.

Anyhoo… I gave the mag a good ole’ lees last night and was impressed that, beauty-wise, you’re looking at OVER 25 PAGES of well-written, info-rich editorial. No stupid ‘this month we thought these were like totesamaze!’-page where they randomly insert six untrialled cosmetics that just happened to have hi-res JPEGS of… Oh no… it’s all good stuff that’s been put through its paces and now I’m itching to get my hands on this dude:

Freezeframe Lip Injection line plumping treatment, R695.

Beauty-ed Candice says she was initially a bit sceptical, but is now a ‘full-blown addict’ ‘cos it works like a bomb to fill up the fine lines around your lips. What makes it different to other ‘garden variety’ lip plumpers is that it doesn’t irritate your lips into swelling up. Instead, it boosts mega-moisturising hyaluronic acid spheres into your lips that, once inside, swell up to create a fuller-looking pout while diminishing those teensy little ‘smokers lines’ around your mouth. To read more about it, you can check out their webpage over here.

I also enjoyed reading about how ‘Fat doesn’t make you fat’; a story on how foody-sports science dude Tim Noakes now reckons Atkins-style eating is the way to go and a profile on Lana Del Rey who I love, love, love.

Lana says the look she's going for is 'I live in Monaco but don't fuck with me...' Right.

Oooh! And check out this delish-looking Smoked Haddock and tomato soup (of which Meneer Noakes would be proud):

So going to give this baby a bash...

Just the other day I made a spinach soup which shocked the shizzness out of me by not tasting like putrid old feet. It’s given me the courage to forge ahead into the brave new world that is Soup-making for People Who Really Outta Stick to Mr. Delivery…

Anyway, if you spot the new Fairlady, like I said, snap it up sommer so. And, if you happen to bump their beauty ed, tell her how much you like reading my blog…

Love, love

*Just so you know, you can’t suggest or vote for your favourite products. These are submitted by peeps who work for each brand and the judging’s done by the Fairlady beauty team and industry experts that includes a dermatologist. You can, however, enter their competition to score each and every one of the winning productsTres tres kiff, so I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop…

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