Burberry Body EDT review

First up, how gorgeous is Rosie Hunting-Whitley? I’ve endured quite a bit on that God-awful Shia le Beouf train wreck, Transformers 3, just because I had a massive ‘girl crush’ on her Victoria’s Secret-style hair and make-up.

Anyway, she’s the face of Burberry’s latest fragrance, Burberry Body EDT, which would make sense ‘cos she’s also attached to their EDP that came out last year.


The new ‘lighter’ version’s notes have been tweaked ever so slightly and is supposed to be not as ‘strong’ as its predecessor however, I still find it to be quite the potent little fragrance in that if you’re wearing it, the person next to you is going to know about it.

Notes-wise, you’re looking at green apple (a new note), peach, green absinthe, tea (another new note), rose and sandalwood on a base of cashmeran wood, vanilla, musk and amber. Burberry reckon it’s ‘light’ and ‘clean’ and ‘effortless’.On my skin, I can’t really pick out any strong individual notes and find it a leetle too sweet for my liking. Something about it makes me think of Cream Soda and, in this way, it reminds me of Ghost, the original scent in the curvy pale blue bottle. (A quick google has revealed that Ghost and Body share a whopping SIX notes!) In saying that though, I’ve had friends tell me that this is exactly what they like about the scent.

As for the bottle, the jury’s all in on this one; it’s absolutely gorgeous-looking:

If you’re familiar with the EDP, you’ll see it’s much the same but this time the juice is lighter-looking and the cap is silver as opposed to rose gold.

The elegant ‘cut crystal’ shaft feels nice and heavy in your hand and oozes casual glamour and luxury making it something you’d want to display on your dressing table counter top.

If you’re a fan of the original scent but wouldn’t mind something a little less ‘heavier’ (or pricier for that matter); appreciate sweet fruity-floralsor are still pining away for a good Ghost replacement, Burberry Body EDT could definitely hit the spot. It’s on counter right now and the prices are as folllows; R495 for 35ml, R695 for 60ml and R845 for 85mls.

Love, love





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