Reviews: Bobbi Brown nail polish in Navy, John Frieda Frizz-Ease Daily Miracle treatment and Max Factor Facefinity All Day primer

Happy Monday girls! Are you ready to get stuck in?

Bobbi Brown nail polish – new shades alert

Bobbi Brown recently launched a new nail polish collection consisting of ten shades that range from barely there nudes to eye-catching reds and berries as well as a rogue deep blue hue called Navy. As a whole, I think the collection’s quite ‘wintery’-looking but the individual shades are all pretty timeless.

Bobbi Brown's new nail polish collection
I reckon Cherry Tomato would look fab with gold sandals – or maybe those vile-looking pool slider thing if I change my mind about them.

I was given Navy to try and like that it’s quite striking and – weirdly – ‘expensive’ looking. It’s so heavily pigmented that you almost only need one coat to get the full colour pay off that dries to a nice, glossy-looking finish.

Shot sans flash on the left and flash on the right.
Shot sans flash on the left and with flash on the right.

I sealed this with my favourite Seche Vite top coat that saw my mani lasting a good four days before it started to chip.  Just know that it’s imperative you use a base coat with this shade or it will stain your nail beds blue. You also need a steady hand as it’s an incredibly dark navy that won’t be forgiving if you’re mani’s a slap dash mess.

Keen to check out the new colours? They’re on your local Bobbi Brown counter right now going for R165 each. I was going to comment that that’s a bit pricey for a nail polish but then realised that Essie colours are now around R110 (insert muffled scream here) so it’s actually not that much of indulgence, especially if you find a ‘dupeless’ hue you adore.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Daily Miracle treatment, R110, exclusive to Clicks.

John Frieda sent me a spoilicious li’l ‘me time’ hamper the other day that included their Frizz-Ease Daily Miracle treatment.

Daily Miracle is the spray-con on the left next to the marshmallows that survived all of three minutes after arrival.

I’m quite the fan of leave-in spray-on conditioners as I have baby fine hair that needs a little TLC from my conditioner as I colour it, but not so much that it gets weighed down. This is why I use the lightest conditioner I can get away with in the shower and then treat any difficult to detangle bits (usually the hair around my crown that’s long, microfine and abundant) with a good spritz-on product.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed using Daily Miracle. It does a nice job of detangling yet doesn’t leave my hair feeling limp. In fact, I can merrily get it near my roots without having to worry it’ll leave it looking greasy as other spray-con’s have done in the past. I also like its clean, fresh scent. (That’s the best way I can describe it. It simply smells like ‘clean’, shower-fresh hair.)

Formulation-wise, Daily Miracle makes use of silicone for shine, frizz-control and heat protections; wheat proteins to fortify; glycerin to hydrate and a mix of antioxidant vitamins. Still, I’d be nervy to ditch my regte egte heat protection spray in favour of this guy. Being paranoid, I’d use this to detangle and then mist that on top of this before breaking out my curling tong. (FYI, John Frieda also have their own heat protection spray – it’s called Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat Styler.)

Max Factor Facefinity All Day primer SPF20, R185, exclusive to Clicks.

Max Factor’s new primer sets out to extend the wear of your foundation and, thanks to ‘micro absorbers’, helps with oil control too – good news for me as I’m very much your combo-to-oil kinda girl.

You're also getting another look at that nail polish again...
You’re also getting another look at that nail polish again…

Texture-wise, it kind of feels like a lotion, but ever so slightly thicker, but is very easy to spread. I like that I can feel there’s silicone in there and see it too due to its slight mattifying effect, but it doesn’t have that typical ultra-smooth ‘silicone’ texture so many other primers as well as ‘blurring’ products tend to have. For the most part, that type of ‘feel’ usually ends up mattifying in the short-term but then exacerbating my oilies in the long run.

Now to be honest, I don’t really have an issue with foundation sliding off my face or at least don’t own any that don’t stay put so it was difficult for me to test the whole ‘extend the wear of your foundation’ promise. But I can tell you this – I used it after my moisturiser and before my foundation (using several variants of each) and it played nicely with everyone in that it didn’t hinder spreadability or cause pilling (i.e. roll up into little bolletjies on my skin). And yes, I did notice that my forehead was little less oil than usual which is always a very good thing. In all, a very nice little primer best suited to those with combination to oily skin types.

Love, love


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