Going to see Safe House? Make sure you look out for Aidan Bennetts

Those of you who’ve had the ‘experience’ of driving with me (and have subsequently vowed to ever climb in my car again) will know that I’m an uber-kak driver. In my first year on the road I had a whopping eight accidents in one year… well, eight that I actually claimed for… all the other scrapes and dings where left neglected ‘cos there was just no point in fixing up a bumper that was almost certainly going to get ripped off over the weekend…

Anyway, I’m proud to say that I’ve definitely improved in the driving department (being cut off from your dad’s insurance company will do that to you…) Still, I had the pleasure of almost killing Aidan Bennetts in Kloof Street the other day, almost slamming into the side of his bike. 

Dude was less than thrilled so, in exchange for his near death experience, I offered to give him a nice fat punt for Safe House, the Ryan Reynolds/Denzel Washington thriller that was shot in Cape Town last year. Aidan has a small non-speaking part as a buff security guard. If you watch the trailer over here, you’ll spot him around the 43 second mark.

Aidan being all buff n' security gaurdy on the left. The hooded guy he's manhandling is Denzel. Reee!

Safe House hits theatres this Friday. Don’t know about you, but I’m dying to check it out. Especially to see Aidan. Who’s super duper good looking…. and a ridiculously clever shit hot designer… plus especially nice and forgiving. Like really, really forgiving. Oh and did I mention how nice and sweet and forgiving he is?

Love, love


X x x

4 thoughts on “Going to see Safe House? Make sure you look out for Aidan Bennetts

  1. Having read this, I am convinced that Aidan is an angel of forgiveness.

    I’ve been an unsuspecting passenger and let me tell you, Leigh’s driving is really that bad.
    The only thing which prevented me from sustaining any form of injury was the vodka in my veins.
    While I’m grateful for emerging from her cool car unscathed with life in hand – I won’t be tempting fate by driving with her again.

  2. Last time I drove with it, it was hopped up on about 15 cubic centimeters of painkillers and flu medicine. Literally staring out of one good eye and sliding between three lanes of traffic as though it were in a slalom course. Woosaaaa!

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