Maybelline Safari in the City calendar party 2012

Just the other day Maybelline held a Safari in the City party to celebrate their 2012 calendar. (For those of you who don’t know, for the last few year’s now, the brand’s created a calendar to show off an array of fun, edgy looks using their latest products on big name models like Erin Wasson and Jessica White.)

Check it out:

Pump up the (lip and mascara) volume bietse!
This one’s cute too:

Cloudy with a touch o' fabulous falsies...
The party took place in a Loop street loft and I was only able to pop in for all of ten minutes so I can’t give you my usual ‘how it all went down’ type of spiel. Still, I was able to get hold of a few snaps that may or may not be stolen from a PR peeps Facebook album…

Top Billing's Janez living it up with the calendar girls.

The local models pictured above were done up by Maybelline SA’s make-up artist Linda O’Connell to recreate the looks in the calendar. Ooh! And how cute were these animal-print cupcakes?


The bash had a safari-chic dress code which every girl pretty much translated into ‘wear leopard’. (This suits me just find ‘cos ‘leopard’s my favourite colour… its right up there with ‘zebra’ and ‘sequin’…)

Felt sooo embarassed for these chica's; they totes rocked up in the v same rokkie! Oh wait, they were the hostesses...

Another reason why Maybelline chose to go jungle? They were also celebrating the launch of their newest lash lovely; Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Cat Eyes mascara.

Sjoe! How massive is that brush?!

I’ve yet to get my hands on it, but the brand’s PR peeps have promised to send me one so I’ll be sure to give you a review the moment it arrives (and will fight the urge to use the word ‘MEOW-ZA’ in my copy… that and ‘PURR-FECT’… or perhaps… okay, okay… I’ll stop now…)

Now tell me, which is YOUR favourite Maybelline mascara? I’ve had a thousand people tell me that Volum’ Express The Colossal (in the YELLOW tube) is the best thing on God’s green earth, but I haven’t tried it myself.  I’m still a big fan of their Full n’ Soft mascara which sounds like it would be rather subtle-looking, but trust me, that baby can bring the dramz and never EVER clumps…

Love, love


P.S. Want to see more of the Maybelline 2012 calendar? I found the nice hi-res piccies over here.

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