Neutrogena Alcohol-free toner is kinda awesome

I have a bit of an issue with toners in that, for the most part, I think they’re a little unnecessary. You actually don’t really haaaave to use one, but many beauty houses would have you believe otherwise. (Medicated toners, however, are a different story; i.e. those that have loads of BHA/salicylic acid in them are fab for blackhead busting…) But ja, getting back to regular plain old ‘toner for the sake of having a toners’… these can still be useful, if not compulsory, in that they do a great job of removing any excess make-up your cleanser didn’t fully take off. I mean how many times have you washed your face and then swept a toner-soaked cotton pad over your skin and marveled at the stuff it’s picked up? 

Anyway, the other day I was given Neutrogena’s bestselling Alcohol-free toner* and I think its utterly fab.

I love how it makes my skin feel super-fresh at night and its been doing a great job of wicking away all the oil and sweat I’ve been drowning in during our hideous li’l heatwave. I also like that it doesn’t sting or make my skin feel super-tight after use. So ja… if you’re looking for an awesome, value for money toner (it’s only R74,99), Neutrogena’s got your back.

*Ideally, any toner you buy should be alcohol-free ‘cos it strips the living shizz out of your skin and depletes it of natural moisture. Still, loads of popular toners on the shelves still contain alcohol and don’t declare it upfront; you’ve got to go blind reading the teensy little ingredients list to make sure they’re alcohol-free. Bah…

X x x

P.S. Contrary to popular belief, toners can’t ‘shrink’ your pores. They can cause them to temporarily contract and appear smaller for a while, but by the time you’ve driven to work and had that first cup of coffee you’ll be back to what you started with. The easiest way to ‘disguise’ the appearance of your pores is with a silicone-based primer like Estee Lauder’s Idealist or a really good powder foundation. Just so you know…

4 thoughts on “Neutrogena Alcohol-free toner is kinda awesome

  1. i love that one very popular toner on the market is the only thing that removes permanent marker from my hands…then imagine putting that on your face!

  2. Great tips! What is your opinion on AHA toners? I use the Environ mild one and besides the be careful of the sun part can using it long term do any harm.

    1. Ooh those are great! Awesome for anyone with a normal to dry skin type. I’m also obsessed with Environ Dermalac and use it on my legs for about two nights in a row to strip off old self-tan. I’ve also got a lot of friends with KP (those tiny little bumps you can get on the back of your arms) and that combined with regular exfoliation zaps it like a bomb.

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