Lippies to get excited about; Smashbox Be Legendary and Rimmel’s Kate Moss Collection

As much as I adore lip gloss, you’ve got to give it up for a good lipstick. My absolute favourite is MAC’s Milan Mode, a bright shimmery fuchsia that brightens up my uber-pale cool complexion and, thanks to a rad blue undertone, creates the illusion of super white teeth. It looks a lot more ‘pers’ than it really is in the piccie (below), its actually much prettier in ‘real life’.

MAC Milan Mode; you know its love when you've bought it more than twice...

Anyway, there are a couple of other lipsticks due to launch later this year that I’m rather excited about; one being Smashbox’s Be Legendary (R160), due out in March. The collection consists of 14 new shades, some cream, others matte. Both have been infused with antioxidant vitamins C and E. I haven’t tried them yet myself, but they’re getting rave reviews from big deal bloggers in the states. 

This mooi rooi shade is the collection's 'signature' hue and is called Legendary.

Another lippie range I’m DYING to get my mitts on is the Kate Moss for Rimmel collection.

I want, I want, I want...

Everyone’s who’s tried it is declaring it THE SHIZZ  as they’re super-pigmented, apply like a dream and all of the colours are just ridiculously fab. My favourite hot mess beauty writer, Cat Marnell of XOJane* is acting like they’re the second coming, so they can’t not be awesome, right? Check her write up over here.

X x x

*Whaaat?! You don’t read OXJane? My God, get over there pronto! My fave thing to do at night when I have insomnia, which is like aaaalll the time, is read XOJane articles on my Blackberry. I love their real life ‘It happened to me’ stories; shizz like ‘I worked the graveyard shift at a sex store’ and ‘I relapsed into alcoholism on mouthwash’. Trust me, you’ll love it…

5 thoughts on “Lippies to get excited about; Smashbox Be Legendary and Rimmel’s Kate Moss Collection

  1. Oh my flippen word, that colour (the MAC,Milan Mode) is gorgeous! I need it, must have it, want it right now…wowza

    1. Its my favourite shade in the world. Makes my teeth look whiter and makes your face pop when combined with a peach-toned blush. (To wear a pink blush with it would be overkill…) Its not always in the MAC stand as it was a limited edition lippie (but its still around!) so ask for it if you don’t spot it, they tend to hide it in the drawer. 😉

  2. Thank you 🙂 actually got a friend who is starting there at the beginning of Feb, so I’ll get her to stash it for me. I MUST TRY IT..

  3. YES! The Kate for Rimmel lippies are the bomb! I am besotted with shade 11 at the moment – a deep wine red shade. I am NOT your typical lipstick fan, preferring to stick to easier-to-wear glosses, but my word! This lipstick wears so well. It’s so comfortable, I forget that I’m wearing a deep, dark shade until someone compliments me on the colour (which happens, like, every five minutes). The colour doesn’t budge – no feathering (even without lip liner!), no smudging, it’s great. Pigment – great. Smell – delicious. Taste – what’s that? Worth every single cent – all R70 of it! Can’t believe the awesomeness that is the Kate Moss lippie.

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