Visited Yemaya Express nail bar yet?

Last week Yemaya’s marketing manager (and fellow ex-PE peep) Jill invited me to the spa’s new pop up nail bar, Yemaya Express. They’re just outside Mr Price Home in Canal Walk and are now a permanent fixture of the mall.

The best thing about Yemaya Express? There’s no appointment book – you can just rock up and get your nails done! (You’ll totally appreciate how awesome this is if you’ve ever tried to get an impulse appointment at either of the mall’s Sorbets. You’ve got a better chance of winning the Lotto…) I also love that their prices are super-reasonable. A mani, which includes a cut, file, cuticles, buff or paint, is just R120, while an express mani (just a file buff or paint) is a mere R50! They also do toes (it’s R180 for a pedi, R80 for an express pedi) and Gelish gel overlays for R190.

The pedi station.

I’m  big fan of Gelish, but not the taking it off bit. Having to call up a salon and make an appointment to remove it is a total las. I’m one of those peeps who prefers to wear the colour to death and then one day, when it suddenly chips from the back, wake up and be all ‘Oh! My! God! Take this colour off me STAT!’ I then proceed to throw a hissy fit when no salon can squeeze me in for a 8pm soak off (‘What do you meaaan the whole world doesn’t revolve around my digits?!’) and ultimately end up destroying my nails by picking it off myself. So sooo bad. Like totally bad. You don’t want to see what my nails look like without polish on. Doing that totally destroyed my nail beds and now I have to grow out the damage…  Anyway, this is why I adore the whole ‘walk in’ aspect of Yemaya Express. They’re also open from 9 to 9, so if you’re desk bound, you can pop in after 5pm. 

I stopped by for a soak off (R50) of my Gelish mani in Hot Rod Red with Nadine who’s seriously good and v nice to boot. 

Dankie Nadine, you rock! Sorry I was so sleepy and droog, it had been a bit of a day...

It only took all of twenty minutes for the special remover to work its magic. 

Living le glam le vie, oh yeah...

I then decided to re-colour my nails and opted for an Express Mani with one of Yemaya’s own house brand nail colours.

Decisions, decisions...

Naturally, I opted for another rooi, a shade called 08, in the end. Check it out:

Cruella deVil would be proud...

Next time you’re in Canal Walk, take a break from the maddening Christmas crowd and slip into Yemaya Express for a little pampering. They’re running a fab special at the mo; if you book mani and a pedi, you’ll score a Yemaya nail polish for free. Woop woop!

Thanks Nadine,Jill – I love my gorgeous red nails. I’ll definitely be back to indugle in a bit of Gelish once the colour I already have on my toes starts to kick the bucket.



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  1. R50 for a paint with no wait? That’s rad. Gonna go over the weekend and hope they’re not too busy with Christmas rush.

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