The most successful fragrance launched this year? You’ll be surprised who won…

So, as it turns out, good old Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door won Edgar’s Most Successful Fragrance Launch of 2011. They were up against some stiff competition (Jimmy Choo, Eli Saab…), but the moment it hit the shelves, women went wild and sales spiked off the charts. In fact, the red handbag it was sold with as part of a special offer ran out weeks before Arden expected it to and their promotional advertising had to be changed so as to not disappoint.

Relaunched in the second half of this year to celebrate the Arden’s 100th anniversary, Red Door is the exact same scent its always been, but now comes in a much zexier-looking bottle.

Old Red Door…
New Red Door…

I have to admit I’ve never been a fan of the scent (I’m big into Arden’s Green Tea), but have to give it seriyas respect for being a real icon in the fragrance game. After all, everyone knows someone who wears Red Door. (In my case, it’s my Aunt Charmaine…) I also think the new bottle’s rather striking and like the elegant-looking cap.

Now tell me, what new scent did you buy and love this year? Or are you still sticking to the same old faithfull you’ve been using since high school? For me, the ‘oldest’ scent still in my collection in Clarins Eau Dynamisante. I’ve been wearing it to the beach and on tropical holiday’s ever since I was 16. It doesn’t contain any alcohol, so it wont give you pigmentation if you wear it in the sun. Nice…

X x x

7 thoughts on “The most successful fragrance launched this year? You’ll be surprised who won…

  1. My first perfume was called Exclamation. Its sickllllly sweet but I used to love it and would drown myself in it before school. I think you can still get it.

    1. OMG, I used to be crazy about it too! I can still remember exactly what it smells like. And ja, its defintely still on the shelves and they’ve got a couple of spin-offs of it too. Every now and again I’ll give the deodorant a sniff when I’m in Clicks ‘cos it totally takes me back to Std 4. X x x

  2. V by Valentino was my staple perfume for most of high school, then I fell inlove with Diamonds by Armani which is the one fragrance I always go back to

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