Queenspark has its own cosmetics collection; AURA

Good ole’ Queenspark

Growing up in li’l ole PE, I remember how glamorous it was to shop at Queenspark. I did the whole modelling school fashion show circuit back in the dag and myself and the other girls used to always get into bitch fights over who’d get to wear the Queenspark rokkie. Also, my dad used to say that Queen’s Park always used the classiest, most beautiful women in their print ads.

Anyhoo, Queenspark now has their own cosmetics collection called AURA.

Welcome to nail polish heaven!

The goodies are all very reasonably priced – think R34,95 for a nail polish and R49,95 for an eye shadow quad. Having played with a couple of the goodies both at home (thanks Adele from Ogilvy!) and in store, I can tell you that I’m impressed with the variety of products (they have FOUR different types of lip gloss including a tingly one that actually does plump your pout) and huge shade selection.

I do feel that some of the products are better formulated than others, but given their fabulously low price points, you can overlook the odd dud (waterig liquid eye liner, for example) and pick out the real winners, just one being the nail polish. These two are my favourites and I regret not buying them while I was in store:

A sexy red and seriously hot putty.

I’m also enjoying wearing this purpley colour, Bombay, that I  found in my press pack:

It takes longer to dry than my other nail polishes, but the colour and price make it worth the wait.

Another goodie? This eye shadow single that I spotted in store and now can’t remember its name:

Fab to help create a smokey eye...

Anyway, as a special launch offer, if you buy two AURA products, you’ll score a gorgeous black mock croc make-up bag. Unlike most ‘freebie make-up bags’, this one isn’t a piece of crap:

Nice, right? I'm using mine to stash all my nail polishes.

Just one thing… this offer’s only valid while stocks last, so if you want one, be sure to move fast.

Love, love


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