Champers and croissants with Clinique

Last week I popped into the Clinique counter at the V&A as they were having a little meet ‘n greet for Cape Town beauty bloggers. I’d been dealing with their brand manager, Natasha, for a while now (usually to harass her for the odd price), so it was nice to finally meet her in the flesh.

Girl's got a bit of a J Lo vibe going on and for some reason I'd had her pegged as a curly-haired blonde, God know's why.

While I devoured a delish honey-glazed croissants (with a sinfully early glass of champers) Natasha told me that we can expect some pretty exciting things from Clinique in the next few months, but can’t reveal all the deets just yet. Still, I’m allowed to tell you that the brand’s got a nice li’l gifting concept up their sleeves for Christmas and introduce you to Clinique’s newly appointed Global Colour Artist, Jenna Menard:

Don't you think she looks a bit like Twilight actress, Nikki Reed?

Jenna did the make-up for the Karen Walker show at New York Fashion Week and created a look that was all about dewy skin and a custom-blended coral lip:

The lippie shade is yet to be named, but Clinique's busy creating it as I type so they can pop into a new make-up collection for spring 2012.

Another chica getting down with coral? Fellow blogger Liza West of I Heart Your Outfit. She opted for a mini ‘smile makeover’ and left with a gorgeous tangerine-coloured lips:

Liza is wearing High Impact lipstick in Coral Crush. I hope she went back and bought it 'cos it looked fab on her.

Next time you pop into the Clinique counter, look out for the their new mini makeover menu:

Each of the four services are free and there's no obligation to buy anything. Although if you're like me, you'll struggle to leave the counter empty-handed.

If you opt for a foundation fitting like I did, you’ll score a free seven-day sample of the one that suited you best.   

I got two 'cos I was torn between two shades. Well that and 'cos I'm a greedy cow...

I’d been a HUGE fan of Clinique Superfit foundation and when it was discontinued I felt absolutely lost. In a world with so many million zillion formations to choose from, finding your very own ‘Ace of Base’ can be just as tough –  if not harder – than finding an eligible male in Cape Town. Fortunately, Natasha told me that the brand is set to launch another awesome long-wearing foundation in the next few months.  Sjoe! In the meantime, she suggested I try Even Better makeup as it offers a similar type of coverage with added pigmentation-busting benefits. Amelia, the counter assistant  who helped me out, was really knowledgable in regards to all the shades and undertones and matched me up with two potential partners, Cream Chamois and Fair. (I’d used Neutral in Superfit, but as it turns out, Even Better’s Neutral was waaay too dark for me, so I was grateful for her help).

Aside from the new foundation, I’m also looking forward to trying Clinique’s much anticipated new Turnaround Overnight Radiance cream

Essentially an AHA-enriched night cream, it chemically exfoliates your skin while you sleep so that you wake up to a fresher, brighter-looking complexion. Lekkerness...

Its been on counter for a couple of days now, so if any of you have tried it, please let me know your thoughts.

Love, love


P.S. Look out for this month’s issue of Glamour magazine. It comes with a free half size Clinique High Impact mascara. I’ve used this baby for years and love how it creates a lush, full-looking lash line in just two quick slicks.

X x x

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One thought on “Champers and croissants with Clinique

  1. I loved Superfit and used it for years – also in Neutral. So excited that something similar is coming out – will be first in line to buy it.

    Also LOVE your blog. Please don’t ever stop writing! xoxS

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