Enough about you, lets talk about me…

Lisa chanelling Sofia earrings I haven't worn since college and a scrap of purple satin I bought from a fabric store an hour before the shoot.

Last month I did a li’l beauty editing for YOU and Drum magazine, putting together a celeb-inspired make-over story as well as a piece on how to copy Keri Hilson’s look, regardless of your budget. Of the two pieces, I’m most proud of the celeb make-over – showing peeps how to get glam like Sofia Vergara – ‘cos I used my gorgeous spray-tan pro, Lisa, as the model. Check it out:

Please forgive the shitness of the piccie. Lisa had to send me a snap of it as I’d completely forgotten that the mag came out last week so I don’t have a copy to scan. (The downside of writing for so many different mags; you can never keep up with what’s coming out when…)

Still, don’t you think she looks gorgeous? In fact, the ed commented that they might have an issue with using her ‘cos she didn’t look crap enough in her ‘before’ shot, thus making the transformation ever so slightly less dramatic. Heheheh…

Big thanks Lisa for being the most fabulous ‘Sofia’, Eloise Dreyer for doing the make-up and photographer Peet (who also happens to be a male model – bonus!) for making the shoot all too easy.

X x x

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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