Cosmopolitan Lingerie party and fashion show 2011

Last week I hit up the Cosmo Lingerie party held at the Upper Eastside Hotel in Woodstock. I nearly didn’t make it ‘cos I was riddled with flu and had limbs that felt like heavy sacks of cement, but I klapped a few Corenza’s and dragged myself off to the show.
Karis Piss (KP) et moi. (You don't want to KNOW how much Model Co One Night Tan I'm wearing to look human...)

Still, I’m sooo glad I pulled it together ‘cos a) I got to see Aidan Bennetts in his undies and b) it was a totally rocking party. But seriously… getting back to a) – just LOOK at this piccie I nicked off KP’s blog:

Sjoe! Soak that image up good and proper girls. Just looking at this boy made me break out in a sweat... and that wasn't just because I was boozing it up on antibiotics...

Now before I get sidetracked, let me tell you about the bash… Every year Cosmo puts out a lingerie edition that’s packed with zexy modelle like Tracy McGregor and Lieschen Botes (the one friend I won’t introduce to my boyfriend for obvious reasons…) To celebrate, they hold a party that includes a fashion show of all the undie brands featured in the mag. Think La Senza, Woolies’ Temptations, etc, etc. This year, some of these brands had little ‘installations’ as well, like Triumph that made use of live ‘dummies’:

Clearly corsets are back y'all...

This year, the show was a little Victoria’s Secret inspired that the girls wore a little whimsical razzle along with their lingerie, however, I’m glad to report that there wasn’t a single clichéd angel wing in sight. Alas, I don’t have too many pics to show you, but you can pop on over to Karis Piss’s blog  to check out her shots or visit Cosmo’s website

Myself, KP and her mancandy, actor/Cosmo Sexy Calender Man Bjorn Steinbach and I were seated second from the front row, but on the side, so it was difficult to take proper snaps of the show. Also, my bloody camera’s full to bursting with piccies I’m too lazy to delete so this slows down my flash. Thus, I didn’t manage to take many fabulous ramp shots. Still, Cosmo was kind enough to send me this one of Tracy McGregor:

I'm going to print this out and slap it up on my fridge to stop me opening it late at night...

After a seriously entertaining show that included a bit o’ burlesque feather flapping and a musical number by Arno Carstens and Albert Frost (he used to date a mate of mine back in the day and is a total honey, just so you know…) I got down to schmingling.

Albert and Arno putting out the vibe.

Peeps on the scene included Nolunthando Meje rocking yet another rad-looking ‘do:

You can't see it so well in this pic, but she's got a diamond-like shape shaved into the side of her head.

Actor and comedian Sivuyile Ngesi was also out and about…

KP introduced me to Siv as the 'black Jeff'. Apparently he's got just as many, if not more, ab muscles than The Bod God and is just as vain. Naturally, I liked him immediately.

Fellow bloggers Brigitte Williers and Jasna Zellerhof where there too:

Looking mooi meisies!
 Ooh! And check out Cosmo’s PR gal Lize the Unicorn’s gorgeous white feathery falsies. (FYI, the party’s dress code was ‘sexy with a touch of white’…) 
So fun, so brave, I love.

Thanks Cosmo – this was superfun and totally worth the hangover.

KP, Bjorn and I. Fun, fun, fun!

Love, love


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