Acquizhen Rebalancing mask review

So as not to look like a dead animal for the Loerie’s party circuit (woop, woop!), I decided to use my Acquizhen Rebalancing mask, R550.

A refreshing mix of antioxidant-rich organics, this baby promises to improve the appearance of stressed, tired-looking skin. I.e. what I've got going on right now...

The thing I love most about this sweet li’l pick-me-up treat? It’s fun to use! You simply pop one of the little squished up fleece masks (it looks like a large white pill) into a few mls of the Rebalancing mask liquid and watch it swell up like one of those magic face clothes I used to be obsessed with as a kid. Within seconds you’ve got a yummy sweet orange oil-scented mask to place on your face.

Clariiiice! How dem lambs going, Clariiice?

Ingredients-wise, the mask makes use of naturally exfoliating papaya, kigelia (a great anti-inflammatory), moisturising grapeseed oil and the antioxidants resveratrol and white tea. All of these are completely organic and get the thumbs up from ECOCERT.

Anyhoo, after just ten minutes, my skin looked a bit more wakker and ever so slightly more ‘plump’. This is something I’ll enjoy using before any more big nights out in the future – or even as a spoilicious little treat on those few evenings when I decide to stay in and sloth about in front of the TV.

Love, love


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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