TRESemme Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner review

Towards the end of last year, TRESemme launched a new line called Split Remedy. It’s aimed at those dealing with split ends and promises to ‘repair up to 80% of the splits you have in just three weeks’.

TRESemme Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner, R35 for 500ml each.

First off, let me just get my beauty ed rant out of the way here: you can’t ‘mend’ a split end. If you’ve got them and want to sort things out, you have to cut them off. End of story. If you don’t, the split will travel all the way up your length and then you’ll have craptastic hair from root to tip. Do you get what I’m saying? Do you want to look like a frikken troll doll?! Cut your hair, my darlings. Get a regular trim!

Remember these? I had a purple one just like this and her hair used to smell like berries.

Nevertheless, there is a way to temporarily minimise the look of horrible split end-y hair and that’s to seal it up with silicone. (This can be delivered either by a shampoo or with a simple silicone serum applied to just the ends.) TRESemme’s Split Remedy conditioner is riddled with silicone TRESsemme also says they’re using ionic technology to help bind the ends together.

Anyway, I like shampoo well enough. It’s does a good job of cleansing my hair without stripping it. It took me a bit of time to come round to the conditioner though. The first time I used it, I applied from root to tip and ended up with hair that felt limp and almost greasy-looking. The next time, I made a point of using it just on the lengths of my hair and immediately saw the benefits. My hair felt sleek and soft, looked shinier and super easy to detangle while wet; I didn’t even have to reach for a detangling/conditioning spray.

From a formulation perspective, silicones aside, Split Remedy has some nice ingredients thrown in its mix; think hair fortifying hydrolized keratin, biotin and niacinamide. Still, I think it would work best for drier, thicker hair types. Also, if you’re a fan of John Frieda’s Frizz Remedy shampoo range but find it very expensive, I think you’ll appreciate TRESemme’s Split Remedy line as it’s quite a bit similar but at snip of the price and also includes an intensive mask.

Love, love


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