KP’s lingerie shoot

Can’t tell you how proud I am of my beloved Karis Piss… chica recently modelled in a concept shoot for something she’s not allowed to talk about just yet. I can, however, show off the piccies. Take a look:

Looking hot biets! That white chocolate easter egg boycott, like, totally paid off...
Can you BELIEEEVE she's gonna be 31 next year? I KNOOOW, right?


Ha! When that finger gets close to her mouth you know her evil twin, 'Kandi met n' K', is coming out to play...

For more KP hotness, go check out the rest of the shots on her bloggetjie, My Love Affair with Cape Town.

Love you biets!

X x x

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

One thought on “KP’s lingerie shoot

  1. Love you biets! Thanks for the shout out. Ja, looking at these pics made me put down a chocolate bar yesterday. haha. Gotta stay focused. Summer is almost here. xxx

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