Royal Wedding falsies

One of my bestest friendies in the whole wide world, Smethie, is coming to visit me from the UK later this mo. I’m literally counting the days til can hug, her and squeeze her and get all Elmyra on her… She hasn’t been in SA for years and the biets has sent me a massive rider with all the goodies she wants handed over to her upon her arrival. First on the list is always Fanta Grape. Last time she flew in, I gave her a huge 2L bottle and watched her glug down the ENTIRE thing in the 20 mins it took to get from the port to my door!

Anyhoo, as the whole of Britain is currently flush with Royal Wedding fever, I asked her to bring me a hideous tacky commemorative fridge magnet or mug – but she’s gone and found one better.

Look! Absorb the full nastiness of this image!

Me fingers be fit for a princess! Now lets go oop to the poob and grab us a Snakebite, yeah?

God, it’s horrible! I love it!

x x x

P.S. For the record, that nasty-looking hand isn’t mine. This is just an image Smethling ripped off the net.

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