Malee bath and body products review

The other day, I got sent a few goodies from Malee. You might not have heard of them as they’re a new kid on the beauty block, but their stuff is divine. Their packaging is also pretty – v. minimalistic and clean-looking, so it makes a lovely gift.

Malee makes use of 100% natural ingredients and doesn't contain nasties like mineral oils or parabens.

Of all the products I used, I was most impressed with their Hydrating body scrub, R185,00.

Malee Hydrating body scrub - luscious and seriously 'scrubby'.

I love the way it smells (currently, all their products are scented with a fragrance they call Verdure, a fresh blend inspired by a lush, green forest) and adore that its choc-full of salt and sugar ‘scrubbies’ to ensure it really does give your bod a seriyas buff. (I dunno about you, but I haaate those ‘body scrubs’ that are essentially a shower gel or cream with a smattering of ‘beads’ or ‘grain’ or whatever. If the concentration of exfoliant isn’t correct, you might as well ‘scrub up’ with a bloody bunny rabbit… or anything else that’s just as fluffy or soft…

Dry skin, watch your back...

Anyhoo, rant over… I also like that despite the fact that its formulated with lots of antioxidant-rich natural oils (avo, wheat germ, olive and sweet almond), it doesn’t leave a horrid ring/oil slick around your tub when you’re done. You can run a second bath for someone else without having to worry that their hair’ll turn greasy in a flash.

Malee Moisturising body oil, R210,00 for 200ml, is also divine.

You can see I've a gotten seriously stuck into this...

It’s active ingredient is avocado oil which is able to absorb into the deep tissue of your skin in a flash. Even better, its rich in vitamins A, D and E. It’s also a rich source of sterolins, (natural plant steroids), that help reduce the appearance of sun damage (think age spots) and scars.

A while back, I burned the shizz out of my shoulder on a hot lamp at the Peroni yacht party and had a nasty little scabby-thing on my shoulder. I made a point of applying Malee’s oil to it a couple of times a day and by the end of five days it had healed up 100%. In fact, the only way you can tell that I’d had a little run in is that the new skin that revealed itself is a lot paler than the tanned skin around it.

It also makes use of the Verdure fragrance and smells fabulously cool, green and fresh with notes of mint, citrus and patchouli. The scent is quite strong and lingers for much of the day, but is still subtle enough not to clash with your perfume.

To find out more about Malee and order their lovelies online, pop on over here. You can also follow them on twitter at @maleeonline. Word has it they’re going to expand their range in a big way real soon and include lots of yummy new fragrances.

Thanks Malee – I love your stuff.

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