Want an anti-aging spray tan?

Got some exciting news for anyone who’s as completely dependent crazy about self tan as I am…  My beloved spray tan gal, Lisa, just told me that she’s now the distributor for the ‘world’s first anti-aging spray tan’, Ageless Tan.

The formula contains vitamins A, C and E as well as green tea extract, which are all great anti-oxidants. It also makes use of a special amino peptide complex that helps support the formation of collagen and mega-moisturising larch tree extract.

Another bonus? It creates a dark brown tan (woop, woop!) that develops after 6 hours and continues to darken up for a further 48 hours!

Sounds good right? Still, all I had to hear was Lisa say ‘it’s good shit and it dries INSTANTLY’ to know it’s gonna be a winner. Girl seriously knows her shizz…

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