White Glo toothpaste review update

Hi girls

Remember that I was given that White Glo Night & Day whitening kit to test? Well, I’ve been using it for about six weeks now and reckon I’ll definitely be popping it in my trolley at Clicks. While it hasn’t really whitened my teeth, it’s done an excellent job of ‘maintaining’ their Casper-like hue…Β 

White Glo Night & Day Whitening toothpaste

You see, I usually bleach my teeth using Crest White strips that I buy off eBay. This whitens them up so much that people sometimes actually comment on my teeth. (And I love that… it never gets old..) However, due to a lifestyle riddled with butter chicken and rooi vino, I need to reach for my strippejies every two weeks or so to keep them looking flash.

Anyhoo, with White Glo toothpaste, I’ve found that it helps to keep my smile looking whiter for much longer. (I’ll be using a strip tonight, but this is the first time I’ve felt like I had to in just over a month!)

Sorry Aquafresh Whitening – it’s been real, but I’m going to have to drop kick you for White Glo. The toothpaste I received came asΒ part of a Day & Night kit, but I’ve seen that you can buy just the ‘day’ or regular whitening toothpaste on it’s own, something I’ll be sure to do in the future.

Love, love


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