Michelle Williams Golden Globes dress horror

Oh! My! God!

Did you SEE the rokkie that Michelle Williams wore to the Golden Globes?

'Loves it? My four year old picked it out last night...'

What in God’s name was the girl thinking?

I called two of my art directors over, Suaad and Cyndi, to share the sheer mifftasticness, but to my disappointment, Su doesn’t think it’s that bad. ‘I reckon it would look better on someone taller, skinnier and darker’, she says. ‘I could totally see it on a catwalk…’


Thankfully, Cyndi shares my disgust, saying: ‘Are you CRAZY?! It looks like she’s wearing a bloody Mr. Price shower curtain!’

What do YOU girls think?

x x


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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