The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Whip body lotion

One of my favourite things right now? The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Whip body lotion, R95,00.

That stupid Lemon horse might've screwed me over, but this citrus-y delight never lets me down.

I love it’s light, fluffy gel-like texture – it’s perfect for hot summer months and absorbs into your skin in a flash, leaving it fabulously hydrated and supple-looking thanks to the addition of lemon seed and brazil nut oil.

I’m also absolutely crazy about it’s delicate sugared lemon scent. It’s the kind of clean, fresh smell that doesn’t get in your face all day, although you can still enjoy it if put your nose really close to your skin. (Yesterday morning, I hugged one of my favourite art directors who’d come back from leave and the first thing he said was ‘Oooh, you smell nice!’)

I also love that, because of it’s easy-to-blend gel-like texture, it makes a great ‘mixer’ for tinted bronzing gels. Lately, I’ve been coming home too late n’ moeg or just been too busy to get my fake tan on, so, in the morning, I’ll mix up two squirts of Lemon Whip with a squeeze of Rimmel SunShimmer Instant Tan sun make-up and rub it all over my legs. No need to blind my poor colleagues with my terrifyingly white pins…Β 

But of course this tan is real! Spent all Saturday lying on Clifton 4th, daaarling!

Next time you’re in The Body Shop, give it a sniff. You’re sure to love it! (And get in their quick – you can get it for less on their big after Christmas sale ending on the 31st…)Β 

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