Oh so honeysuckle!

Quick! Print out this page and hold this colour up to your face.
Pantone’s Honeysuckle

Does it suit your skin tone? For the love of God, I hope so, ‘cos if not, 2011 is going to be a problem for you… You see, this particular shade of ‘Tinkerbell nail polish’ pink is called Honeysuckle and it’s just been announced as Pantone’s ‘colour of the year’ for 2011. (Yes, really…)

Last year, Pantone’s hue of note was Turquoise, a blue-green hue that dominated pretty much half of Truworths’ shiteous ‘InWear’ department. It also featured heavily in jewellery and did a few cameos in most summer make-up collections. (Clarins put out a particularly nice waterproof turquoise eye pencil while Essie’s Turquoise & Cacois nail polish flew off the shelves…)

Anyhoo, here’s hoping Honeysuckle floats your boat…


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