Soil’s new line of organic goodies

It’s sooo embarrassing how much time I can spend in Wellness Warehouse. I think I bust out a varicose vein just from crouching at their Yankee Candle shelf… (I’m crazy about their Vanilla Lime variant and have a big, fat one in my bathroom. Now, however, I’m thinking of splashing out on Sweet Strawberry. I’s hideously red and will look absolutely shite in my bedroom, but it smells just like My Little Ponies!)

Anyhoo, I wanted to tell you all about SOiL’s new line of organic goodies. SOiL, for those who don’t know, is an SA ‘organic pioneer’ and has been churning out rad organic beauty shizz way before it became tres cool. Their new line, which I spotted in WW this evening, comes in two nummy variants; Balancing Baobab and Uplifting Coconut. Both are absolutely delish!

Soil Balancing Baobab bath oil. How much do you looove the packaging? Fab packaging totally does it for me.

In fact, Balancing Baobab, (which also makes use of rose, geranium and sandalwood oil) smells quite a bit like Zoo biscuits. Yum!

Uplifting Coconut is my absolute fave tho.

Soil Uplifting Coconut body lotion. Totally on my Christmas wishlist...

It contains zesty lemongrass and grapefruit oils that are warmed up by a creamy dollop of coconut. I LOVE that it doesn’t smell one bit like a horrid, cheap suntan lotion or a plasticky pina colada, (as many coconut-based scents can). Instead, it makes me think of a fresh, crispy coconut macaroon with a gooey lemon meringue curd centre. Bliss…

Next time you’re in store, go check it out. I’m now stuck trying to decide whether to snatch up the body lotion, R125,00, or go big and get the bath oil, R220,oo.

Decisions, decisions…


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