Moulin Rouge make-up

Last night two of my besties threw a joint Moulin Rouge themed 30th. Naturally, I was relied upon to do a bit of make-up, including that of my best guy friend Alex. (Al, who happens to be the owner of Connor, the world’s cutest dog, is infamous for breaking out the wigs and guyliner at the first whiff of a theme…) This time, however, he took things to another level.
Do you think Al's actually watched Moulin Rouge? He's get up smacks of Marie Antoinette to me...

Please note his gorgeous cheekie-poos. (You can click on all my piccies to make them bigger). To create his fab tranny-esque flush, I used one of those cheap ‘Mood Lipstick’ lip stains that you can buy at Dis-Chem. (Will post a pic of it later – it’s one of my handbag-staples…) and topped it off with the glittery highlighter from The Body Shop’s limited edition Twilight palette.

Speaking of glitter. Get a load of my nails… This is Show it! Glow it! It’s from OPI’s new Burlesque collection. Tres apt…

A slightly messy mani 'cos I painted in a rush, but you get the idea. 😉

I also tried to apply falsies, but the evil glue burned the shizz out of my eye, so I gave up.

G.O.D. - Glue O' Death...

Anyway, take a look at the beautiful birthday girls.

Madame Lucy on the left, Mistress Karisa on the right.

Love their lashes? They’re from Inglot at Canal Walk. Luce was telling me that they even have this video slide show thing that shows you how each of their different lash sets looks when applied. Here’s a close up of Lucy’s.

Hats were also totally trending…

Hoering it up with Dani... FYI, my corset was a mere R150,00 (Picked it up at the Sexpo...) The boa is R60,00 at Cake King in Access Park.

Both Shell and Dani got their cute li’l hats especially made for them by The Little Hattery.

Oooh! And look at the cupcakes!

The golden top hats and coins are made from gold dusted white choccie, so you can eat them!

These tasted delish! So much so that I scoffed three and then resorted to eating just the icing of another two. (Gonna have to hit the treadmill hard come Monday). Karisa tells me they’re made by this sweetheart Cake Wizard girl that she works with.

‘You should seen this huuuge Louis Vuitton handbag she made of out of cake the other day! It was insane! It looked just like a real bag – and she only charged R300,00 for it’, squealed K. ‘If you had to go to Charlies, they’d have, like, charged you the freaken Earth!’ In fact, these gorgeous cupcakes were only five bucks a pop. Can you believe it? Going to get the deets of this cake goddess and post it up later this week. She’s a total genius!

As the night wore on, Karisa’s corset began to fill with cash.

Money, money, money...

I dunno how it started, but I’m glad it happened ‘cos it funded a Margarita-infused Sunday by the pool at the Milner hotel. We made short work of their prawn special (R95 for 1kg), the Bushman’s Platter and several seriously overpriced glasses of the little green ambulance/Cream Sober… My hangover’s yet to alleviate though, so I’m now off to get jiggy with some Adco-dol…

Later girls,


X x

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